Friday, June 09, 2006

Number one

Since I am on a countdown now.... and countdown to move home, I thought I'd start a list.
If you didn't know I am a list maker.
Lists for everything.

Regan always asks about the lists, when they will start, what they are about.

I even make lists for other people, primarily
other meaning Regan.
So this list is a ongoing list.
To later be used as a scrapbook mini album
of course.
A list of the things we are going to miss from Nova Scotia.

And thing
s we have learned and love.

Today is number one.

One of my favorite things in the world.


I love them.
I just think they are so beautiful!

And so not something that exists in Alberta.

Although maybe we could con
vince Waterton Dam to build one. :)

I have no idea why blogger is making the colors on my photos go so strange... but i can't get it to stop it today. hmmmmm. I'll try and fix it later!


Carmen said...

They are very cool!! We have a few in Vancouver! You can come and visit us when you miss them!!

Crystal said...

I agree - they are just so Maritime, aren't they? Great choice for your #1 thing!

MonaS! said...

Very cool Rhonda! they really are beautiful.

Heather M. said...

I loved going to Peggy's Cove when we visited NS! Lighthouses are so beautiful!

whitney said...

Beautiful pictures. I must admit they are much better to look at than grain elevators! I'm sad I never got to see them in person.

patti said...

Beautiful photos! I love lighthouses too!!! Something so romantic about them I think.

Heather said...

Yes lighthouses would be a big reason to go to Nova Scotia. Just amazed of how many there are (from seeing Cape Cod)