Monday, July 03, 2006

hi again

Have I lost all of my readers? :)
If not, you are good good people.

Since it is July 1st, there is a new kit at Scraptivity. And i LOVED it (as usual!)

Thought I would share my favorite layout I did this month. I love the photo that my oldest brother (thanks Seany!!!) took of me a while ago. I've had it forever but never used it.
And about a week or more ago I was thinking about progress and change.
And all the big things that happen in our lives and how those big things are there to help us grow. It is not in spite of the big trials but because of them. They help us grow.

And how hopefully we are learning and becoming better each day. That is what I want to do so badly. To keep getting better and better. And I have so far to go.
This layout was an out come of all those thoughts.

To make the title I cut the word out of thing chipboard then painted it with the paint. Then stamped with the stamps onto it. I think it makes it look pretty cool. Looks cooler IRL.

Down the side the journaling says:
to never forget
"the feeling of true forgiveness, so i always ask.
how it feels to not have enough food, so always be generous.
the pain of losing a loved one, so show empathy,
the way i felt on my wedding day so always put marriage first,
how lonely life can be so that i am always friendly,
my answers to prayers so i keep getting down on my knees,
how much my parents sacrificed for me so that i do the same for them,
how nice it is to receive gifts so that i am willing to give,
how much hearing thank you means so that i always show gratitude."

There are lots of great stuff by the DT here so check it out. (I have some more in there too.)

Less than two weeks til we get on the plane.
Sold the piano.
Still have to sell the Saturn, washer and dryer and a deep freeze.
BUT we have had lots of phone calls about the car - so we are hopeful.
Hope ya'll had a great Canada Day!


Carmen said...

Totally awesome layout!

whitney said...

Can't wait to see you guys! The 1st was good. Reg missed his 10 year reunion. I about had a heart attack when I saw the class of '96 float in the parade - that means only 2 more years for me. Yikes!

MonaS! said...

Beautiful lo - and and even better picture. You rock girl - but you already know how much I love you and your stuff!

Heather M. said...

I loooooooove that layout of you!!!!! So awesome!

Sue said...

I'm still here!
Love this LO! Great job!

Crystal said...

I'm here too!!! Good luck with all the packing, moving and saying good-bye, Rhonda. God keep your family as you travel and settle in a new (but kind of familiar!) place. And keep updating when you can!

LindsayB said...

Good to see a post again! You're allowed to slack on this as you are only slightly busy. Congrats on selling the saturn. (I talked to regan the other day)
Love the scraps as usual.

averagedrinker said...

that's healthy. after every rain, there's a pot of rainbow ready to clear your sight. my sister who chats on wealthymen gave that advice and i mean i really got inspired because of it. she's my sister, she's gone to a lot already.