Friday, June 02, 2006

potatoes, june kit and cute kids

There has been some things lately that have had me thinking.
About the need in this world for love.
For kindness.
More of it.
For everyone.

I don't think making fun of others is funny.
Not when it's me.
Not when it's about other people.
It's just not funny to me.
And I know that some people think that makes me no fun.
I sense that.
But you still won't see me laughing about it.
The thing is you don't know.
You have no idea how whatever you said affected that person.

And because of adults and how we are to each other and how we are to kids,
kids learn it.

Kids can be so brutal to each other.
It's not a new thing.
In fact it has always been around.
But I see so much in their behavior now that makes me sad.
Especially sad that we as adults taught them to act like that.
We allow it.
Too much.

I want to raise kids that are kind.
kindness first.
I think I need shirts that say that.

Things have been about to make me think,
one of which is this potato...
and I mean it must be a sign....right ;)

on a completely different and lighter note....
it's June.
Which means that a new Scraptivity kit is about.
And it is soo cool
Here are my two favorite pages I did with this kit.

You can check out all the fab work by the DT here.

And here are some cute photos from the past few days of the kids.
Alden "reads" every night in bed after we leave the room.
And a few nights in a row we have found him like this.

And beautiful Lucy.
She has been sleeping terribly the last few nights.
But she is still as cute as ever.


Carmen said...

Kindness starts at home!! If they don't learn it from us, they won't learn it at all!!

Heather said...

God sends reminders in the funniest places doesn't he.

Fabulous work with the kit Rhonda. Love the design on the food one.

Hope that Lucy is going better tonight for you.

Heather M. said...

I totally agree with you, Rhonda! Kids learn these things from adults. What are we teaching them if we aren't kind in our own actions and words? Since getting pregnant, I've spent so much time examining my own life, being aware of my own bad habits and things I do that I don't want my kids to do. Thanks for the reminder.
And I LOVE those photos of your kiddos - Lucy's eyes are so blue!

Crystal said...

You are such a good parent, Rhonda! Kids really live what they see and if they see kindness, that will be their model. I think of you as being philosophical - thanks for making me think about the big issues too!!

patti said...

wow on that potato!! And amen to kindness beginning at home! So So true!!!