Sunday, February 19, 2006

Sketch and new page

Each month a Scraptivity DT member draws a sketch and then three DT members make a page from it for the create section you can find it here. Feburary was my month to draw and therefore make a page using this month's kit with my sketch. Here it is. A page about my little sister Kelly. I love this photo of my little sister. I have a copy that sits on the my scrapbook table right in my bedroom so that I see it pretty much every day. It is small - but I blew it up for this. She was on a hike with some friends and someone took this photo of her on a mountain top. I love it.
I wrote this journaling one night rather quickly and wanted to put it in my scrapbook I am slowly doing about Kelly and I saw this picture in my room that night and knew they had to go together on a page. So here it is.

The journaing says: "I realized something today. I’m starting to forget. To forget the way your hair hung around your face. How light your freckles were getting as you got older. The blueness of your eyes. It’s fading. I wanted to smell vanilla. The smell of you. To see if it would bring memories back. The every day memories that keep you around me.
I saw someone and she made me think of you. I’m not sure why. She didn’t look like you. She didn’t talk like you. I can’t place my finger on why she made me think of you. Is that evidence that those every day moments are slipping away? I wish I could freeze them. The memories. The heart to hearts and late night talks. Me and you. Our bond. Something I’ve looked for in relationships ever since you died. How I judge others. Every thing is compared to you. Replaying things in my head. But between those replayed memories, the spaces are getting bigger. It’s only been five years. But those spaces are growing and that scares me. I want to keep you. If you can’t be in my life, I want you still in my head. In my heart. To be able to call up memories in a second. And remember distinctly what you wore and how you said it. How you had your hair. God saw it fit to take you home. And I have come to accept that. But even though your not here, I still need you."


Marina said...

Oh my Rhonda, this layout is awesome, the photo and all the papper, it is just phenomenal!!!!

I am sitting here at work reading your journalling and bawling my eyes out. This is the most touching journalling I've ever read and want to send you my hugs and prayers. No doubt in my mind that your sister is looking on, and admiring the woman you have become, and remembering all those memories too!!!

WOW RHONDA, this just blows me away!!!

Heather M. said...

You know how much I love this layout, Rhonda! Phenomenol job! I love your journaling so much!

Heather said...

Just beatiful Rhonda. Bawling here too. I need to get onto scrapbooking my best friends death events but havne't done it yet. Totally hits home here.

ArtsyMama said...

Love those Daisy D's papers!!!