Monday, February 27, 2006


Seriously Lucy is a doll. She is so cute. I took this top photo today (and the similar bottom one) and the one where she is in the saucer last week.
And of course - Alden with his Buzz Lightyear. To say he LOVES Buzz lightyear is a understatement!

And one more thing. I read a wonderful post on my friend Heather's blog and she is participating in a challenge that the wonderful Rhonna posted on her blog. About the 21 day challenge to start a habit. To change something or start a new one. And Heather's entry really struck a cord with me. And then I went to Rhonna's and it really struck a cord with me too. So I am going to join up with this too. Tonight I am going to make my art journal for this - I already have my topic. My challenge. A huge one for me. Sleep. I want to be a morning person. But I am more of a middle of the afternoon kinda girl. I need my sleep and my kids are good about going to bed. I want to get up and do things in the morning and have some time with just Regan and I in the morning. I stay up too late.... And I always beat my self up over it. I lay there over tired and think I should have gone to bed hours ago. Well enough of that. 21 Days. I am going to put it to the test. And try and form a habit. To get things done.
Check out Rhonna's original idea and challenge here and see if you are up for the challenge too. To make yourself better. Improve. Since that is what this life is all about!

Oh and one more thing.... I wanna be a photographer when I grow up. It's my new idea.


Kimmie said...

you couls so be a photographer, go for it!!! the pics on your BLOG are always stunning!!! and good luck with your goal!

Heather said...

Oh I really should do this one too. I can so relate to the late nights but I only do it on weekends generally.

Your pictures are great, I say go for it.

ArtsyMama said... glad to hear you're joining us. It's so much fun....and so motivating!! Can't wait to see your work.

Marina said...

Rhonda, you are a very talented photographer and I totally think you could do it. I love the pictures of your children today, they just look so adorable and Alden with his BUZZ LIGHTYEAR is so awesome. Alexis calls him SPUZZ Lifer!!!!

I read heather's blog and then imediately checked out Rhonna's, I've been thinking about it too. I just need to tackle a few things on my plate and then I think I will start my 21 day challenge too!!!

Heather M. said...

YAY! I'm so glad you are doing the art journal challenge! I LOVE those photos, Rhonda! Lucy has such gorgeous big blue eyes!

Mary Mac said...

What a CUTIE! OMG her eyes are SO BLUE!

Carmen said...

Lucy is looking so big!! Wow, time passes so quickly!!

Okay - I was inspired by Heather's blog too, and so now you are doing this challenge and I am thinking about starting too. You gals are a "bad" influence on me!! Making me take time to THINK about me and life and try to make it better!! hee hee

LindsayB said...

sooooo cute. and what do you mean you want to be a photographer, you are! you take great pictures. i would love to join you with the 21 day challenge with the same goal, but first i have to get alli asleep before midnight for 21 days!