Saturday, February 25, 2006

a little something

I made a little something for my mom. A little mini album out of cardboard. Before you think "CARDBOARD"??? Why cardboard? Because. Yes it's a scrapbook! And I made it for my mom since I know she will appreciate the whole idea. I knew beforehand that she would be the perfect person to make one of these for. And you know what she said when I first told her about it "Cool" Not why cardboard or a hesitation. Just complete support. My mom rules! It's a 5 page mini album about the first time Alden got to hold Lucy and touch her in the NICU. I love the photos from it. It's made from Making Memories Patterned Paper, Heidi Swapp foam stamps , some Scraptivity brads, some acrylic paint, a cool font called Prissy Fat Boys and various ribbons. It was so fun. And seriously cost effective! :)

I went to a crop today - my first one really. I am a loner scrapper. Really don't live near a lot of scrappers that I know. I got two pages done plus this mini album for mom plus most of another mini album from our summer Whitefish trip with the Steed family. So even though there was a lot of creative memories kind of scrapping going on around me.... I got some good stuff accomplished!

And I got some awesome photos of the kids the last few days too so I'll be posting them soon too. But now... i'm off to bed!!!


Heather said...

What an awesome book! Love all those pictures and your mom will love it.

Hope you got to meet some new scrappers/friends at the crop today.

Carmen said...

I think the book looks just fantastic!! Your mom will be absoltely thrilled with the end result!! Very cool.

whitney said...

Very very cute. I like how simple it is - it goes with the cardboard idea. Love the font too, I think I need to "borrow" it from you!
Love you.

Heather M. said...

Rhonda, this is SO gorgeous! I love the idea of using cardboard - so much so that I made my own last night! Thanks for the inspiration! You mom is going to LOVE it!

Crystal said...

I know your Mom will love this!! I'm a mom who has daughters far away and I would love it plus it has pictures of her beautiful grandchildren! What's not to love about that!!
I'm glad you got to go away and SB for the day - take care of yourself - there are lots of people depending on your strength, wisdom and patience every day! Hope you are refreshed and re-energized too!!

JennD said...

That is a gorgeous album! Never would have occurred to me to make one out of cardboard but I love the distressed look. Awesome idea Rhonda - thanks!

LindsayB said...

This is such a cute idea. Where do you get your quotes. From what I could squint and see they were good ones.

ArtsyMama said...

This is wonderful. Love the look of the cardboard!!!

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