Saturday, February 04, 2006

a few things to share...

1. I have been doing my art journal online class (through and I haven't shared any of my art yet. It is so fun to just be free in doing the art. I don't care if no one else likes it. Cause it's just about me. About what I feel. And I feel way less pressure in doing it. And I love that! So here are my first three weeks of enteries. (well the home one is just a side note on the week number 2. So I did that one too. I have one more to do today (already have my idea in my head) and then I will be all caught up for the next assignment on Monday. Cool.

Each week she sends you a pdf of your assignment and she is an amazing writer. She gives you a topic to create about. The first one was to introduce myself. The second was what have you always been. The third one was where do you wish you were. And the fourth is about corners in your life. Seriously Shimelle has amazing writing and the assignments are so cool that they get you to think about things. About who you are and where you have come from. I love it!

2. I have decided that Alden needs more exposure. More time with other kids. To see things and experience things. So this week I started doing that. On Tuesday we went to the Nova Scotia Museum of Natural History. They have the coolest exhibit right now about bugs. Huge bugs that move. And seriously mosquitos are SO GROSS. They had a huge moving one that showed you how they suck your blood. SICK. Of course Alden thought it was SO COOL. We went with a couple friends and that made it fun for all of us.

3. Yesterday we went to the fire station. They just let the kids go in and sit in the trucks. Pretend to drive them. Alden was in heaven! It was so much fun. And he brought his best friend Fraser so that made it great too.
I got lots of photos of him. Not tons of great ones (he was too excited to stop and let me take his picture.) But it was so fun. We'll be back for sure.

4. Today I get to go get a manicure. Regan won one through a conference he went to for work. (And he doesn't want to use it. :) ) So I am going to get my nails done. Kinda funny. The only other time I have had one was for my wedding. So it should be cool. I'd rather get a massage... but it was non transferable. Oh well. I'll enjoy this too.

Have a great day.


Crystal said...

Oh, Rhonda - lucky you! Enjoy the pampering and quiet time getting your nails done! It was great to see pictures of Alden having so much fun on his outings! Love that fire truck picture!! Have a lovely weekend!

Heather M. said...

YAY! Have fun getting your nails done! Alden looks so happy in the fire truck! And I LOVE your art journal entries! Thanks for sharing, Rhonda!

whitney said...

I can't believe how big Alden is - he is all the sudden a little boy! He is almost the age Seth was when I joined the family, wow. Sounds like you guys are having tons of fun. Live it up out east cause you are comming home soon! (I hope and pray every day)
Love you.

Carmen said...

I am so impressed with your journals! Amazing Rhonda. And that is excellent that you want Alden out more and exposed to more. Good for you for being able to get him out to two awesome things this past week!! You inspire me!!

LindsayB said...

I love your art. the angel picture is so cute. I'm so excited for you move out here so you can rub off on me when I come visit you all the time anywhere in alberta. (i'll come) Alden in the fire truck is about the cutest thing ever. love you guys. my first comment on a blog, hope i did alright:)

Heather said...

this art journal sounds like a Book of Me. THe entries look fabulous.

Glad your able to get out with Alden and have some fun!

WOW a manicure. I have never had one done.