Thursday, July 26, 2012

Listography: List 81

List 81: 25 Things I love about summer:

1. Sunshine. Lots and lots of sunshine.
2. Fresh fruit and veggies
3. Vacations
4. Family time
5. Birds and Flowers
Burrying Owl
Busy as a Bee
6. Gold Hours of light
7. Jumbo Mr. Freezes
8. Kids playing outside
1 May 2012
9. Garage and Rummage Sales
10. Flip flops and no socks
11. Sleeping in (sometimes)
12. BBQ'd food
13. Visits with family
14. Having friends over
15. Slip and Slides and all kinds of water fun
15 May 2012
16. Naps on the couch in the day
17. Spending time in the mountains
18. Warm weather
19. Blue skies
20. Farmer's Markets
21. Slurpees and Snowbobs
22. Reunions
Aug 9- mmmm Smores
24. Beautiful Sunsets
june 10: Sunset
25. Smell of freshly cut grass


Christal said...

Love it all!! Guess thats why I feel like I don't see anyone during the summer!! miss you:) Great pics!

The Lowry's said...

Rhonda you are an absolutely amazing photographer. Oh how I wish I could take pictures half as good as you....Your incredible!!!

Christy and Brett Bevans said...

Snowbobs! Yes!!

I love the sound of lawnmowers. It is just a summer sound. Makes me happy.