Tuesday, July 10, 2012

10 on Tuesday

1. We got a new computer 4 days ago and finally now it is up and running. Transferring all the files and all that was messing me up. But I got it all done now!

2. We started swimming lessons this week for the oldest three plus basketball camp for Alden. (He sneaks out of bb camp to run across the street to do swimming and then runs back.

3. Last night before bed Alden was in tears cause he feels like he doesn't have any free time. Which is funny since he spend the entire afternoon (from 1pm on) just playing.

4. I love Goat cheese. A LOT.

5. It makes me annoyed when people are nosy. Is that weird? If I want to share it with you I will.

6. Fresh fruit is in season. And that makes my tummy happy.

7. All of my kids were sick last week. Chicken pox (YES we vaccinate our kids... I am married to a doctor!!) and the flu. It was just rotating from kid to kid. We missed the parade and slept instead.

8. Our backyard is almost completely fenced in. That makes me HAPPY!

9. I wish our yard had some trees. Soon, perhaps.

10. I have been looking for some patio furniture and I finally found ONE i like and it is a little too pricey. If I can't find anything else I might bite the bullet. But hopefully I'll find a cheaper cute one.


whitney said...

Do another photo shoot and get the one you want, it sounds nice.
Your fence looks great!

Mona Scott said...

You are an amazing photographer who takes INCREDIBLE care of her children. Nosy people need to mind their own business cuz you're a good mom and photographer. TRUST YOURSELF!

Chelsea Belle said...

i love goat cheese ALOT too! just saying

Brooke said...

Gavin got sick too...seriously its the curse of going down there everytime. We hadn't even got back to normal sleeping since his he last got sick after being down there in June.