Tuesday, July 31, 2012

10 on Tuesday

1. Phew. Didn't post for a few days hey? Well thats how the summer goes :)

2. Got my new patio furniture. And it looks great. And I love it! :)

3. Tried out our fire pit last night for FHE. Did a wiener roast and made s'mores. mmmmmm S'mores!! Regan taught Alden how to build a fire. So he did it all himself.

4. I'm trying out a new drug to help with the puking. And it is EXPENSIVE!!! Holy cow! So glad we have insurance!

5. Speaking of that patio set.... I made a fun playhouse out of the boxes for the kids. Oliver and Eli and I sat out in that play house for like 2 hours. I read a book and they played. It was great. (Had to share these all cause he looks so cute!)

6. Got to see my "little" brother and his whole family this week too. Took the chance to snap a few shots of them.
My "little" brother and his family
DSC_786My "little" brother and his family0

7. And Oliver "played" with his newest Davis cousin Joshua.
8. Check out how Alden is roasting his hotdog.... with his feet. Goof!

9. This shot just feels like southern Alberta to me.

10. Caught this photo a week or so ago when we stopped after coming home from a family trip to Lethbridge. We went to Chapters and everybody picked out a couple books, stopped for cupcakes at Crazy cakes and went to IHop for dinner. Fun little family evening.


Stephanie said...

I love that southern Alberta picture! And little Oliver is so cute!

Amy said...

I love the one of Oliver chewing the box. He's adorable, and yeah I agree with Julie, he looks a lot like Eli.

AKutarna said...

Ok that pic of Oliver chewing on the box is sooooo cute! He has such pretty eyes!

Jennifer Isackson said...

Big boxes are the BEST! I hope your new meds work out.... bleh... even thinking of being pregnant makes me shudder. I'm am enjoying not being so, for now :)

Heather M. said...

love those photos of oliver in the box - soooo cute! and that is a classic alberta scene - gorgeous photo!