Friday, February 17, 2012

Foto Fridays: Our Year in Photos

Month 2 Week 3: Valentine's day.

For the third week of each month we'll focus on time of day or season.

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When I was a little girl my Dad ALWAYS got me something on Valentine's day. And it was a big deal to me. That was the only day it was actually my dad that did it for me and Kelly. And I convinced Regan early on I thought it would be sweet if he did that for Lucy and he has taken that completely to heart and does it every year. This year Lucy it was a stuffed ape in a hot chocolate mug. She loved it (as you can see).

The Valentine's the kids took to school inspired by these talented ladies over here. We did book paper circles and the kids wrote on the hearts.
Valentine's This year

And we had a candle light dinner. Which they thought was GREAT. And we had red spaghetti for dinner. (Well that's what I called it but only the SAUCE was red. hahaha)
V-Day Candle light dinner
V-Day Candle light dinner

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Brooke Snow Photography said...

I love the tradition started by your dad! I need to get some traditions...maybe that would make it easier for me to actually know "what" to do on holidays :) You're inspiring!

Heather M. said...

looks like such a great day. i love that regan does that for lucy - so sweet.