Wednesday, February 08, 2012


Found this on pinterest today and thought I'd share it.
It's good to remind myself of this.


Chelsea Belle said...


A friend and I were talking about comparison, and how back in the day women compared themselves to women on their block, and now( via lots of media sources) we have a whole world of women to compare ourselves to.

thanks for the reminder!

I should make one that says I don't hafta do what Rhonda's doing;) I can still think she's awesome though!

Christal said...

Great reminder but I really do want to be like you ha ha:) its true we do all compare so much to what others do and feels like sometime we dont' measure up to what we think we should be doing or what we think we are supposed to is hard though to let it go and just be ourselves thanks for the reminder:) U are a beautiful example to all of us!!

Heather M. said...

such wise words. totally needed to hear this today. :)

Let the party begin... said...

It validates how I've been feeling...thanks!

KellyLady said...

love this