Tuesday, February 07, 2012

10 on Tuesday

1. Doesn't this just make you SMILE?!!!
Sweet baby smiles

2. I put a new post over on my photo blog from a trip we took as a family last Saturday out to Waterton. It was SO windy and cold. The kids stayed in the van the whole time and Regan and I took turns getting out to take pictures.
Prince of Wales hotel

3. Speaking of my photo blog look at this and scroll down to the bottom photos that caught their eye last week. That's kinda fun.

4. I finally finished my plate wall in my dining room. I love it. And i need to show you a picture some time!

5. I have been looking for curtains for my living room for a while.... still haven't found some i LOVE that there is enough panels of.

6. At our craft group we sewed pillows last week and i loove mine in my living room. Speaking of my loving room it is almost all done and then I'll how you a picture of it all. Before and After.

7. I feel like am beating a dead horse with this sleep thing. He. is. RIDICULOUS. I don't understand why he can't sleep regular hours. He doesn't for so long and then his body literally gives out on him and CANNOT wake him. Cause of his level of exhaustion.
I feel a bit baby bluish lately and when was talking to Regan he said are you sure it isn't three year old blues?? I am struggling with this child lately. His sleep (lack there of), his eating (and lack there of) his obsession with computers and tv. Heaven help me! Three is tough!!
1 February 2012

8. We took a walk after school last week on a nice night and it ended in half of my children crying. Pretty sweet - i think so!
2 February 2012

9. Tuesday at our house means it's cubs night!
31 February 2012

10. I got called into my ward Relief Society Presidency this past Sunday. I am the first counselor. Should be fun and challenging.


Tisha said...

What, you have a craft group!? I NEED a craft group! That would be so fun! Congrats on the new calling! You'll be great!

Unknown said...

oh Rhonda! Sounds like you are having a rough time. Lack of sleep is THE WORST! I hope you can figure something out with Eli because you have a lot on your plate, especially with a new calling. Hailey is now two and a half and a terrible eater as well.... and she finally started sleeping through the night. It has been a rough 3 yrs. Good luck friend.

whitney said...

Way cool pictures of Waterton!
I have the three year old blues too. The why can't you just like people and be a tiny bit social three year old blues. Problem is getting out makes it worse because then I just realize how bad it is.
Get a stroller and we'll walk off the three year old blues all spring and summer.

tinajo said...

Lovely pics, the first one was adorable! :-)

likeschocolate said...

The baby is adorable. Good luck in your new calling!

Maddy said...

Baby is sooo cute!! And that second photo....gorgeous!

AKutarna said...

LOVE your Waterton Photos. Love!

Christy and Brett Bevans said...

I hope that the sleep situation gets better. That is rough. I would I could tell you how to fix it, but I have no idea and I am sure you have tried everything.
Beautiful photo of Waterton. It does look cold though!.

Chelsea Belle said...

can't wait to pick your brain about RS stuff.
When we finally do have our lunch date it's gonna be a dooozy!

Heather M. said...

that photo of oliver is so incredibly CUTE!

i wish i had some brilliant advice for the sleep issue. it totally sucks being sleep deprived and feeling so helpless to solve the problem. :(