Monday, December 05, 2011

Advent Calendar days 3, 4 & 5

I just not going to be able to keep up posting our books & activities every day. But that is okay.

Our books we've opened in the last three days (well including today) were...

And I couldn't find the other book's image but it's called the Christmas Story and it's a huge board book.
The crafts and activities were....

...a snow man pizza (yeah the one on pinterest looked way cooler but this one my kids would actually eat!)
Snowman pizza

... writing stories in Christmas shapes. I just found some christmas shapes that were empty and let the kids pick which ones they wanted and let them free to write whatever stories they wanted. Alden's was called Yoshi's Christmas. And Lucy wrote one called the Snowman.
Lucy writing her christmas story
Alden writing his christmas story

....Eli decorated his Santa face instead of writing a story in it.... for obvious reasons!
Eli writing his christmas story

... Lucy's Paper plate Christmas tree from a couple days ago that I forgot to take a picture of
Christmas tree

We all hung around the table for quite a while and relaxed and the kids did crafts. It was great.
Dec 3: morning

On Sunday night we hung out with family and enjoyed a baby blessing.
Tonight we had a short Family Home Evening using this idea from latter day homeschooling.


benjaminrowley78 said...

Cute Christmas Tree

Christal said...

so fun! and your fhe was what I was going to do tonight but D is gone so I'm going to us it as part of sharing time on sunday so tell them not to say anything:) You are seriously amazing!!

whitney said...

We did that for FHE too!

The Lowry's said...

Loving all your ideas. We r doing the book thing too. LOVE IT. I like you you blog which one you did, cause then you can look back and remember which ones. (or maybe you always will cause you bought them, we get most of ours from the library) Might be using some of your craft ideas later next week! :)

Marie said...

I've found so many good ideas off Pinterest. BUT - my semi-rule is that if I pin it, that means I intend to DO it. So that has been working out pretty well and I've actually done several projects.

Including the dessert for the cookie exchange tonight! (come ready for sweet)

Abby Metz said...

I really love your book idea. Maybe next year . . .