Friday, December 02, 2011

Advent 2011 Day 2

Today's books were:

Well yesterday Shannon's comment was how do you remember to take pictures of all the stuff and haha I forgot to take pictures of their crafts.
They made paper plate Christmas trees and wreaths. (like these and then just a plate with the middle cut out and painted green with red dots on)

Then we attended Raymond's Old Time Christmas. They served donuts and hot chocolate, lit the tree outside and sung christmas carols, had a wishing well, and Santa came to town on a Fire engine.
Old Time Christmas
Here's THE tree.
Old Time Christmas Tree
My older kids were okay with Santa, but Eli no way! Although right before we got up to him (after waiting in line for WAY too long) Lucy turns to me and says, "but mom, won't we actually be sitting on a stranger's lap?"
Meeting Santa

It was a good day. And we ran into Lethbridge and Regan picked up my birthday present. An old vintage camera to add to my collection :) LOVE it.


Chelsea Belle said...

OH Rhonda! I was out at glenwood's, outdoor nativity, and I could see all these marvellous photos in my head, darling primary kid shepherds, literally looking in awe up at the angles...wish you were there to catch it all, the lighting was way to tricky for me.

Um I love lucy's winter-static hair and snow pants!
(Someone might tell that santa, he's takgin the rosy cheeks a bit over board;)

Abby Metz said...

I have to admit, Santa always kind of creeped me out as a kid. I was never really into sitting on a stranger's knee - especially when bad breath was involved! But I was always happy with the candy at the end of the whole awkward ordeal!