Thursday, December 22, 2011

10 on Tuesday (on Thursday)

1. I haven't been posting because my back has been so badly lately I just can't sit that long at the computer. And I've just been sitting around trying to get comfortable or getting Christmas stuff done!

2. Speaking of Christmas, it's almost here!

3. I hung up some stuff in my house again and I looove it. I'll have to take a picture and share! I did a plate wall.

4. Another crazy happening this past week, was Lucy trying to walk home from school, getting lost and someone we go to church with finding her in a ditch playing in the snow. After I had been to the school and multiple people were phoned, multiple teachers were driving around to find her. It was just GREAT.

5. I got Regan a fun present.

6. We finally caved and the kids are getting a Wii for Christmas.

7. Oliver is sleeping AMAZING lately.

8. I need a massage so I can sleep but none of the massage therapists in Raymond can fit me in til at least next week.

9. I love paper snowflakes this year.

10. We've done lots of other Christmasy stuff that I didn't put up on my blog.


The Super Seven said...

Pretty sure you are going to have some SUPER happy kids this Christmas......we have had many fun hours on our Wii and even worn one out.....LOL.....we can't wait for the new system next year.....

Hope the holidays are good to you guys and your back feels better soon!!!

whitney said...

My kids are getting a wii too. I still can't decide if I like that...