Monday, November 28, 2011


Yesterday was an insanely crazy weather day! With winds blowing like crazy!!!
First we noticed the smoke - but we thought it was top soil blowing away....
THe Smoke
Then the flames started getting bigger.
The fire trucks
Fire fighters
Fire trucks coming
The fire was spreading like... well wild fire.
From Corner Lake
The horizon.
The horizon
I am glad every one is safe!!


KellyLady said...

Oh my! Thanks for the pics Rhonda! They are awesome as always. What an experience

Christal said...

Awesome pics I thought of you when I was in the fire flying around with darren on the ranch I thought of you because my pictures were so crappy and all I could think of was the amazing shots a real photographer could have had in the think of it it was amazing in a bad way!! I feel so sad for Darren and the lose of all that did go! But so thankful for the homes, horses, cattle and out buildings that were spared!! Awesome pictures!

Christal said...

*thats supposed to say in the thick of it"

Charmaine said...

Hey I just randomly found you. That was insane last night. Here in Coalhurst we were on emergency alert all night. Pretty scary. How are you and your?

Jill said...

These are amazing. You should send them to a news agency.

Christy and Brett Bevans said...

What a crazy wind yesterday and all week. I couldn't believe all the smoke and fires.

Unknown said...

CRAZY! but super cool pics! Were they able to put it out quickly? YIKES! Hope no one was hurt.

Crystal said...

We heard about your day on the news up here. Your pictures are really good - and kinda scary. I can't imagine how you felt, being so close!

And the Raymond high school football team made the news too - the announcer said that every person in the school was so athletic and they could all run like the wind!