Wednesday, November 30, 2011

34 Things to do before 35.

Since today is my birthday, I've come up with a list of things I'd like to do before I turn 35.

1. Read 65 books. (I've read 63 so far this year)
2. Go on a family vacation.
3. Start a food storage. Including 72 hour kit for the whole family.
4. Sew a quilt for Eli and one for Alden.
5. Get family pictures done.
6. Take a class.
7. Learn to crochet.
8. Finish my last 4 recipes from MSBH (sad to say I've had those 4 for like a year!)
9. Go to Arizona with Regan.
10. Build something wooden by myself.
11. Get the living room & dining room decorated how I want it.
12. Get a fence around our yard.
13. Plant and harvest a garden.
14. Lose 10 - 15 pounds.
15. Run a race.
16. Finish at LEAST 10 already started projects.
17. Volunteer somewhere in my community.
18. Go two months without any library fines.
19. Take a picture of our family every month for one year.
20. Learn to make a budget and USE it!
21. Read the Book of Mormon again from start to finish.
22. Have a pedicure.
23. Alter a piece of clothing for myself.
24. Paint a picture.
25. Do a photo shoot of my parents.
26. Do a fashion photo shoot.
27. Decorate my bedroom.
28. Sing 2 duets or in a choir.
29. Attend a concert or show of some kind.
30. Make 4 mini albums.
31. Enter a contest.
32. Write a children's book.
33. Take a series of photographs along my "idea". (it's a secret :) HA)
34. Fill every frame I have and hang them on my walls.


Catherine Dabels said...

Holy crap. You are going to be busy busy busy.

Mody said...

Just reading that stresses me out :)

Cole and Paige Barnett said...

One thing at a time. Good for you! This gives me motivation

Brooke said...

Happy Birthday! I think you need one lazy thing on your list.

Melanie said...

You go girl! Dont let anything stand in your way :) Happy Birthday!

Christy and Brett Bevans said...

Someone recommended a great wood site to Brett and I. . So many cute ideas, with patterns and tutorials. Brett just made a bed for Grace off the site. Maybe that will help you with your wooden project.

Before you turn 35, so you still have about 5 years to finish the list right?

Gabrielle Steed said...

Oh fun. Can we do a race together. What if you and Regan and all the kids come to Seattle and Regan and Pete can do the Rock n Roll marathon, you and I can do the half, Grandma and grandpa can come and watch the kids, then we can go to a concert and that's two off your list!!!! Pretty please?