Tuesday, November 29, 2011

10 on Tuesday

1. Yesterday Crystal commented about a raymond story about sports. Yep, it's a sports town. Who knows if our kids will ever be fully involved or not. We'll never push them to sports but if t hey want to play we'll support them. But in a completely normal way.

2. My friend Carlye made this for me... isn't it AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!! I looooove it!!
Scrabble Gift

3. I finally hung up a few things!!! This is in the basement with spots for my kids to hang their art up and a chalk board and a white board.
Basement Photo Wall

4. I love this little man. And I am enjoying him so much!! My Aunty Ilo sent this outfit plus another to Oliver! (And a book to all my other kids!)
nov 18 - 2 Months Old

5. Sunset. Just down the road from my parents house!
nov 21 - Sunset

6. To me this is the essence of Southern Alberta.
nov 20 - Home

7. My Grandma lives with my parents now which means my kids have a great grandma. Something I always had and always loved!
nov19 - Great Grandma

8. I never really felt nervous about the fires. They were far enough away that we were totally okay. But I did want to go closer to take pictures BADLY! Wish I could have taken some of the fire fighters and such. Cool! Takes me back to school when I took photography for newspaper stuff.

9. Eli plays with Nathan literally every day. We love having him over. Too bad they are moving soon! BOO!
nov16 - Neighbor

10. We have a Christmas work party tonight and I need to make something tasty!


Chelsea Belle said...

love all of Kelly's artwork in your recently hung collection.

I agree with your "essence" Miss that view.

I was just saying to an 11th warder...good thing we DIDN"T get that house on blackfoot, you AND Teale moving, I would have been a double "boo"

Amy said...

I LOVE that Scrabble board sign!!

LindsayB said...

i just got really cold looking at your snowy pics, they are really good, but i don't like them! haha. i'm sure you will make something fantasticly good for your thing tonight!

whitney said...

basement wall looks awesome! I really want to come see the trunk too!

Justin said...

You know.... none of those words on the scrabble picture frame would actually be able to be played, cause your not allowed to use proper names in scrabble. But I suppose if you set that aside, its a very nice piece...... :P

Tongue River Boulters said...

I love your lists Rhonda, can I steal the scrabble thing. I was going to do ornaments ? for the tree.