Thursday, November 03, 2011

list 44: the best desserts

I could make a LONG list here :) Dessert is my favorite course! So I'll just stick to categories of them.

Hiding inside the cupcakes....

1. Chocolate anything. Like these and these and this... I could go on but I'll stop there!

2. Pumpkin anything. Like these (that I made last Saturday night but didn't take a picture of) or these or these and a whole lot of all these

3. Carmel or Butterscotch. Like this and this and this

4. Cookies. I love them. All sorts and we usually have some around our house.

5. Ice cream. My very favorite is homemade vanilla bean. Y.U.M. (And look at this one!)


Heather M. said...

ooooh, these all look good! :) and i love that you have such a sweet tooth.

Visible Voice said...

I just gained five pounds looking at that. Thanks a lot. ;)

Anonymous said...

Dang. You hit all my favorites. Maybe it's a good thing you live too far away from me. Sometimes.