Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Oliver (days 7-12)

I'm keeping up on taking these.... :)

Day 7: Night time in his crib
day 7: Night

Day 8: Our doctor who ended up being out of town for the delivery so Oliver was actually delivered by someone else :) But this was a dr the whole pregnancy and after.
day 8: Dr Koeglor & Oliver

Day 9: Lucy and Oliver. You might notice Lucy's face and that it looks like she was crying... well she was. Huge fit right before this. Got her to settle down by asking if she'd hold Oliver in a picture. oh my!
day 9: Lucy & Oliver

Day 10: Alden & Oliver.
day 10:Alden & Oliver

Day 11: Dad and Oliver after church.
day 11: dad

Day 12: The swing. Aunty Whitney lent us the swing and does Oliver ever like it!
day 12: swing


maria lang said...

oh congrats rhonda!! he is precious! hope you are well :)

Jen Isackson said...

beautiful family pictures... we need some of Oliver and Mommy :)

whitney said...

Glad he likes the swing!

Alysha said...


Carlye said...

Gah! I want to come snuggle him so bad! Maybe I should find myself a hermetically sealed bubble to come in ;)

You are awesome for keeping up with the photos!

Maria said...

Holy cow you make cute babies!!

Christal said...

What a beautiful post baby and family you guys are!! And Dr K is the dr that delivered Karsen we were his first adoption situation fun times he is SO nice!!

Marie said...

Rhonda, you seriously have such a beautiful family! Every time I scrolled down I thought, "This is my favorite picture."

And I am totally planning on stealing this project when my own wee one is born. 30 pictures, 30 days. I can do that. (Right?)