Tuesday, September 27, 2011

10 on Tuesday

1. Regan has this week off. I am enjoying it by taking naps in the afternoon and having him help me in the night with little things with Oliver. It's nice to have him around and spend time getting to know our new little man.

2. Thanks to my friend Abby from Metz Designs we have a plan for the living room now. So I want to buy furniture this week and get the wall painted pronto. It's kind of driving me crazy not having living room furniture!

3. I have been amazed at the kindness of people since Oliver was born. So many meals and treats and gifts. Lots driven out to my house from Lethbridge even. People are too kind!

4. We bought a tv. Not big news for a lot of people but around this house that IS A big deal. We can't get any channels on it since we are a non cable household but Apple TV sure works good on it and it looks purdy :) Now Alden can stop saying that everyone he knows has a flat screen tv except us.

5. I found out a couple days ago about a friend of ours being sick with a brain tumor. And every waking hour they have been on my mind since finding out. They have two small boys. The husband (who has the tumor) went through medical school with us and I just feel sick about it. I have been praying and worrying about them ever since. During my nightly feedings they have been on my mind. Some people have such hard things happen in their lives. And sometimes I get caught up in minor little annoyances that i think are so hard.

6. Regan took this one i love!

7. I've got two birthday parties in the planning stages. Lots of great ideas and I've ordered some stuff online already to help out.

8. Alden really has started helping out more.... and it's great!
sept 21: stories

9. Oliver isn't doing so hot at night.

10. I love not being pregnant anymore :)


Alysha said...

I want to be done being pregnant too. unfortunately i have a LONG ways to go...
Oliver is adorable! Can't wait to see the birthday parties. I have 3 to plan in the next 3 weeks. fun times...

whitney said...

I hear you on the night thing. Oh man do I ever. Hope your nights get better soon!

The Lowry's said...

Congrats again! He is adorable. Enjoyed your 10. I read on someones blog the other day the simple quote that I have read so many times "each day is a gift". It rings true again as I read about the brain tumour. With having this new baby it has made me think a lot about life and how much we take for granted and how precious life is.

nichole said...

I want to know who this family is who's having hard times. I'm excited to see Abby's plan in action at your place!

Kristin said...

Oh my goodness, its a fun reading day for me! I havent been on my computer so I didnt know Oliver was here! CONGRATS! He is so lovely and perfect! I love the name Oliver! By the way, I also love Abraham, we were deciding between Keegan, Jaxon and Abrahm.