Thursday, September 17, 2009

For Today

September 17, 2009

Outside my window
our new neighbors are having an annoying party and playing loud music and lots of cursing. Pretty annoying. Especially since it seems to be happening every weekend. (And often week day too.)

I am thankful
for the quiet hours after the kids are in bed when I can recoup from the day.

I am praying that Eli sleeps through the night tonight.

I am thinking about almost being done editing Tina and Wayne's wedding!! YIPEE!!!

I am celebrating a night at home with Regan here too.

From the kitchen BBQ steak, potatoes ala Derek, corn, fresh veggies and cupcake pops for dessert.

I am wearing purple capris and a purple shirt.

I am reading No one can take your place by Sherri L. Dew

I am hoping
to relax this evening.

I am hearing Regan falling asleep while reading to the kids.

I am creating
a very purple scrapbook page.

Around the house and yard
it is tidy and clean for our friend brunch tomorrow morning.

One of my favorite things
is cold clean water.

A few plans for the rest of the week a friend brunch tomorrow morning with kids and moms, Stake Conference on the weekend, and just enjoying being around the house with our whole family with no plans.

Here is a picture thought I am sharing with you from Tina and Wayne's Wedding.


Susie said...

what you just have cupcake pops whenever you want. I am dying for a reason to make them

nichole said...

This is my first little visit to your personal blog. I just LOVE it! Fabulous photo work and I didn't know you did designing for kits!!!!! (or at least used to). Loved the cupcakes for YW. I'm hoping my two year old sleeps through the night.

Amy said...

It was a purple day for you huh? I wish my almost 3 year old would sleep through the night, and that my house and yard were tidy like yours.
That's crappy about the partying neighbors. Been there.
A.J. wants me to read comics to him. ??? Boys. Alden is going to be one smart cookie, I'm sure he already is.

Marie said...

Are those loud partiers your neighbours? We hear them at night when our windows are open and we look forward to the chilly nights driving them inside.

Very cool wedding photo.