Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Ciabatta's & Preschool

1. Ciabatta. Don'tcha just love saying that? Ciabatta. It just roles off the tongue! Try it!! I took dinner over to a friend who just had a lovely little boy named Harrison. Taking someone dinner, perfect opportunity to make something for my MSBH Challenge (if you don't know what that is read yesterday's post!)

I made Silly Greek Chili for dinner.

And I made Banana Nut Bread (#3 for MSBH Challenge) which happens to be one of my favorite Banana Bread recipes. Every body has one. I know. I've tried many over the years. I have two favorites. This being one of them. (I've made it quite a few times before.) My favorite thing about it is that it has a touch of coconut in it. Not enough to give it coconut flavor (which I HATE) but enough to give it a bit of texture. Which I love!

And so does Eli....
(I ALWAYS add chocolate chips instead of nuts. Choco banana muffins are one of Reg's very favorite foods so why mess with something he loves!)

And I made a Ciabatta (#4 for MSBH Challenge). If you've never had one before. It is a flatbread. And the dough is so strange. I am used to bun and bread dough. And this is nothing like it! It is soft and sticky and airy. I wanted to fill it with flour and knead the stuff. But the recipe said I'd be tempted to do that and to NOT do it. So I didn't. :) Just look at this dough. It looks like it hasn't been mixed enough!

You are also supposed to cook it on a baking stone. And I don't have one. So I instead put a pan of water at the bottom of the oven and then put my dough on two cookie sheets stacked. I did that cause a stone has moisture in it and is heavy. So I improvised. And it worked! I think it would have been a bit tougher on the outside (They have a texture similar to a baguette that is tough on the outside and soft and chewy in the middle.) It was great! And surprisingly easy! The hardest thing was shaping the sticky dough!


2. Lucy has started preschool. It was an integrated program where groups of kids start for just an hour and then the next day more and more and so on. Then finally they all had a day together. Lucy was seriously put out that she couldn't just go for a while. She LOVES it. Every day she asks if it is a preschool day. She would be perfectly happy to go all day like Alden.

On Monday when it was her first day of the full time which is 1pm to 3:20 as we were driving to drop her off she asked if she got to stay there as long as Alden is at school. And I said you get to stay for the rest of Alden's day. She asked how long. I said "2.5 hours." And she got all upset and said "why not 6 hours??"


Jewels said...

I'm up waaaay too late, but yay I get to comment first on your next post! so many gorgeous pics of your amazingly blue-eyed children!

so funny that Lucy wants to stay for 6 hrs :)

Tisha said...

You never cease to amaze me! How do you find time to do it all! I think my husband would die if I made dinners like yours every night!

Lora said...

Is that the same Greek chili you made for me? It was very yummy! Great pictures of Eli. Is Lucy going to be in kindergarten next year? I don't think Jarod would be happy to gone for six hours, he would miss his trains too much.

Visible Voice said...

I can not make banana bread. It always flops. Yours looks yummy!

Amy said...

Post the recipe for this silly chili!
So smart of you to figure out a way to imitate stoneware!
It's so much better when our kids enjoy school and don't have anxiety attacks when we drop them off.

Jaime said...

You constantly amaze me with your posts, you really are super-mom!! I wish I had half your ambition:)

Abby said...

love, love, LOVE the picture of Eli!

Marie said...

RATS! That is Aimee's preschool too, but she is in the Tuesday/Thursday class. Too bad.

Hey, I love that you posted the recipes for the meal you brought over! I have been instructed to find them out so we can have it again. It was funny; I never cook with chick peas. Never ever. We were eating the Greek Chilli and Aimee announced that they were her favourite food and she picked them out one by one and ate them first. Guess I need to start buying chick peas!

Amy said...

Hahaha, after Marie's comment I realized you'd posted a link to the chili recipe, thanks!

Crystal said...

Love those pictures of your sweet girl! And you are inspiring me with your MS challenge - congrats to you!!

Thanks for the fruit ketchup recipe - it's printed and ready for next year's canning season. I've close up my canner for this year!!

Let the party begin... said...

Your kids are so beautiful. I'm glad you posted the chili recipe. I need to make two meals for 2 families and that one sounds perfect. I also love Martha Stewart and collect cookbooks. When I didn't know how to drive, cooking was my escape and cookbooks were my vehicle. I have a bookshelf in my diningroom loaded with cookbooks I have collected over the years. I'm surprised the shelves haven't bowed from the weight, lol!

Jess said...

cute pics. I love Lucy and her desire to go to school all day. Kids grow up so fast.