Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Scrappy Share

The new Spring issue of Canadian Scrapbooker is out now.
(I got mine in the mail today.)

I've got two different pages in it.
This one from a past Scraptivity kit.
hello spring

And this one.

Which I made download-able tags for the magazine... but they didn't put them up anyway for people to access.... so if you are interested here they are.... a photo frame and three pages of tags for journaling.
(if you click on them they'll take you to flickr and then you can click to see the large size the click on download large size - it's at the top left of the page.)

I'd LOVE to see anything you create with them.... so link me up if you do!

Along the same line.... I have one in the upcoming Summer issue and it's a page about Regan.... and he's not THAT excited that a page about him will be in a magazine. :) It kind of reminds me of when we were first married I was working at a newspaper and I had to make all this advertising for a wedding show. And I happened to have a picture of a handsome groom on my desk at work and I totally used him in all the ads..... and didn't tell him til it was done. A few people noticed him in the big posters and made comments about him modeling.... :) hahahaha. The things he puts up with cause he loves me. :)

AND since I have two copies of the Spring issue I'd love to give it away.
Just leave a comment if you want to be in the draw for the magazine. :)


Jeanette said...

Those are beautiful layouts Rhonda. I know what you mean about the men in our life and magazines-my Dad will be in the summer issue of CS and I'm not sure what he thinks-although he was 16 in the picture so I'm sure no one would recognize him!
Jeanette Smith

Sharpshooting by Sherri said...

Very neat tags.

I am entering for the giveaway.

The layouts are awesome.

Emily Murdock said...

Congrats, Rhonda! You are really becoming more and more BIG TIME every day! :) I hope we can still be friends after you're rich and famous!
And a photo shoot in a garage....tricky, no doubt. I have a love/hate relationship with LIGHT. I love it when it's sweet, hate it when it's not there. :)
Love you. Miss you.

Let the party begin... said...

That is so amazing...congratulations. I'll have to go out and get a copy of the magazines. I have had adobe photoshop cs3 for awhile now and I still haven't figured any of it out. I am totally impressed!

The Nelson Family said...

So cool to see you in a magazine, I will have to print the tags off later and try them out.....you are too taleneted!!!! Hope all is well your way.....

yarnandpaper said...

Hey Rhonda! Love the new look of your blog and your layouts are fantastic. Congrats!! I would love to win the magazine. Thanks for the opportunity. And I'll be downloading your tags for sure!

Lora said...

That's cool!! Congrats!! Those are great layouts!!

Carmen said...

Awesome layouts! Way to go!!

Connie Nichol said...

oh, I hope I get my issue in the mail soon! Can't wait to see your stuff in print! Looks like another great issue, and I love that layout on the cover by Jennifer H-S!

M&J Smith Family said...

That's awesome - your pages AND the wedding show story. Makes me laugh just thinking about Regan being on all these advertisements! Good stuff.

Exciting to be in a magazine. So famous! I knew I learned from the best! You'll have to keep the magazine for your kids so they can see themselves in the magazine! See how famous they are!

Oh - and I don't need to be in the draw. I just wanted to comment because it made me laugh.

Drennans said...

Well look at you in a magazine!! How fun! Umm and the fact that you used Regan and he didn't know...oh priceless!! I would have done the same thing for sure!

lyndsey bevans said...

Hi Rhonda this is Lyndsey Bevans Brandie Steed is my sister and you took their wedding pictures. I am trying to find a contact number for you to see if you would like to do some family pictures in Mountain View for us. How much etc. If we could talk that would be great. Thankx

Amanda said...

I loved seeing my little Jackson in some of those pictures! Congrats on being in the magazine...you are so very talented!

Kristi-Anna said...

Congrats on your publications!! :) How fun!! I'd LOVE a copy of the Spring issue :D

Jewels said...

that is so cool that you're a published artist :D and I love the story about Regan, too cute!

Heather M. said...

oh yay! congrats on the pubbed layouts!

i especially love the birthday one - those cards are so cool!

Jillian said...

FAbulous layouts Rhonda! I think it's so sad that they didn't put your downloads up...but I'm glad to have found them here! I'll get to printing them off, and see what I can do with them!

Thanks a bunch! I don't have this Canadian Scrapbooker either...would LOVE to win it! :D