Tuesday, February 03, 2009

In the Craft Room: Valentine's Day Kids Craft #1

And easy peasy one.
Using red pipe cleaners to make a heart garland.
You form a circle with them, squish it in half and the push down the top and a heart appears. :) Then link them together with little pieces of another pipe cleaner you cut up. Clear as mud?
I must confess two things.
1. it would look way cuter on a fireplace. But we don't have one of those. So the window it is!
2. My kids made about 4 hearts and then starting making all kinds of other shapes. Like lasso's and other such things. And Eli was trying to eat them... so I may have finished it myself.

I didn't get to the tradition one last night.
Regan had other ideas for FHE so we did that instead. (On goals)

And isn't this boy just the cutest?


Drennans said...

Love the hearts and love that cute kid!

Jodi Pilling said...

look at those eyes! He is SO cute!

Heather M. said...

oh those hearts are CUTE and so are those big blue eyes!

Susie said...

good of you to come clean on the kids crafts.

M&J Smith Family said...

Thanks for the cute craft idea. I'm totally going to do this one with Elania. She's so into crafts - this is just perfect!

The Blakeney's said...

he is pretty dang cute.
so is the banner. i am going to make one too :)

Jennifer2 said...

When did this little guy get so big? He's a cutie.