Thursday, June 12, 2008

i'm feeling ansy

I bought some fabric today for my *ahem* hooter hider (not a fan of that name).
So I think I'll try and make it tonight.

I finished Lucy's dress that I started a couple weeks ago.
She won't try it on though. Silly girl.

Speaking of Lucy....
yesterday she was playing a computer game and I told her it was time to be done.
Which she didn't agree with.
So she hit the keyboard.
I pulled her off the chair, pushed in the chair and leaned against it so she couldn't hit it again.

So she started pulling her own piggy tales and screaming, "I don't want piggy tales." (I may have been holding in a chuckle at this point....)
That wasn't getting a reaction from me,
so instead she took of her pants, threw them.
Took off her diaper. Threw it.
Starting taking off her shirt (but it got stuck on her ears)
so it took a few minutes longer. Finally gets it off and throws it.
The whole time screaming, "I don't want my mommy. I don't want daddy. I don't want Alden. I don't want anything."

When that has gotten no reaction from me, she looks straight at me and pees on the floor. (So I guess that answers the question if she has control with her bladder eh?)

I put her in her room after wiping off her legs and the floor.
And she kicks and screams in her room while I hold the door closed.
Now she is screaming "I don't like my door"

She then throws every book off her bookshelf and every blanket, pillow and stuffed animal off her bed.

I came back downstairs and let her have it out herself.

20 minutes later, I go back upstairs (when the crying has stopped) and she is playing happily with her little people in the playroom.

When I come back upstairs she says "Hi mommy" in a sweet voice.

She told me she was sorry later. And that she wouldn't do it again. Can't say as I totally believe her. (Although I'd love too.)

It is amazing to me how a little girl this sweet can do that.

But believe me. She can.
And she does.


Heather M. said...

Oh boy, I can hardly wait for those days! What a little monkey!

Sarah Shaw said...

that sounded like my life maybe I need to blog about the daily tantrums...aren't strong willed children awesome?!

Brianne said...

Oh, that was so funny to read Rhonda. I love that she peed on the floor to try and make you mad. Aren't kids so silly? Hopefully this won't keep up when the baby comes. I can't wait to hear what you have and what name you have chosen.

KellyLady said...

Oh the tantrums we go through are so delightful. Maybe we can use the stories as blackmail in their teenage years?

JA Crew said...

what a little monkey!!! have to admit it made me laugh though ;)

LindsayB said...

ummmm, if i was 9 months preggo and my child did that, i would so be bawling and throwing my own tantrum. i can't believe what that cute little gal is capable of!

Crystal said...

Just what you don't need right now! You are such a good mom to stay calm and focussed on your discipline. ((( HUGS )))

Denise said...

Sorry Rhonda, but I got serious giggles over Lucy's antics. I sooooo remember those days.

mary macaskill said...

Yikes! Is that what I'm in for?!!! I guess parenting totally teaches patience, doesn't it??

Dyane said...

That is such a funny story Rhonda!

Drennans said...

classic! but what the sam heck is a hooter hider?

Let the party begin... said...

Okay Rhonda, the question of the day is, "what on earth is a "hooter hider"?" Please DO NOT keep me in suspense, after all we use to be in the same ward, if that means anything to you, lol. I'm trying to think if I ever had one of those days as you did with Lucy...hhhmmmm???

Fernandez Family said...

Oh maybe Teo and Lucy really are meant to be together?! I never thought that I would be putting my child in his room for "talking back". Ugh. Constantly. So frustrating when you're over tired with the next one kicking your insides!! Good luck though - I'm surprised you didn't yell. Or did you?