Tuesday, June 24, 2008

10 things

I've been meaning to make a post for oh, about a week. But you see the thing is I didn't want to be all complaining and such. And that's what it would have been. So really you should be thanking me.

Instead of mentioning that I am sick of throwing up still (seriously at 39 weeks you shouldn't be having morning sickness anymore!), annoyed that I have yet another cold with bad chest cough, can't sleep anymore.... those are things you don't need to read and if I am focusing on them, it kind makes me cranky.

So instead, here is a list of 10 things I am thankful for.

1. Thankful for a sweet sister in law who dropped by for a visit yesterday with rolo icream and skor bars since she thought I might be craving them. And even did the dishes twice while she was here.

2. Thankful for a really good friend, Sarah, who came over and spent the day with me, even bringing me and the kids lunch so I didn't have to make it. And cleaned up all the mess the kids made inside and out.

3. Thankful my other sister in law and mom could come up and sew these cool bags with me. And teach me to make these soft soled baby shoes.

4. Thankful for a SWEET deal I found on a year old barely used treadmill this week. And thankful that I convinced Regan that my next wedding shoot could cover the cost and justify buying it. We got it in the basement last night and I already used it.

5. Thankful that I have a few pairs of shorts that still fit me. And that I've only gained around 27 pounds this pregnancy.

6. Thankful for prayer. When I am sick and tired of the struggle this pregnancy has been. That I can pray to a loving Heavenly Father. And that He hears me, and sends comfort.

7. Thankful for a sweet five year old who slept in until 10 this morning.

8. Thankful the two year old daily 40 minute temper tantrums have slowed down in both frequency and length.

9. Thankful for all the people who are calling and checking up on me cause they care.

10. Thankful for a very patient husband who just hugs me when I cry from being so tired from lack of good sleep.


Emily Murdock said...

You are a good woman, that is for sure! There is no more unselfish thing a woman can do with her body. I'm convinced that no amount of service with our hands ever comes close to the service of being a mother, whether by birth or adoption. I'll just pray that the windows of Heaven are opened on you and your little family and that there won't be room enough to receive the blessings that pour down. That's what I wish for you.
Love you, dear Rhonda. You are an amazing woman. Hang in there, and take care.

Carmen said...

Well you can add me to the list of those who are thinking about you!! Big hugs!!

Crystal said...

I agree - you shouldn't still be sick!! I hope these last days pass quickly and peacefully. And that your sweet babe arrives safely soon.

P.S. I'm glad you got the package safe and sound - enjoy!!!!!

Amanda said...

My heart feels for you on so many levels! I remember feeling that way when I was pregnant with Walker, I too felt so blessed to have such wonderful friends...angels really who helped me so much.

I am envious that you can walk on your treadmil...I would simply waddle and limp the whole time and probably fall off at this point!
You are amazing and this little one is so blessed to come to your family!

Love you and miss you, you are in my prayers for sure!

Drennans said...

what a good woman you are! thinking of a good gratitude list amongst the agony! I'm tellin ya...I totally want to be you when I grow up! ;)

Connie Nichol said...

Hugs.....thinking of you, my friend. (you have enough energy to get on a treadmill? Good for you!)

LindsayB said...

oh good, so you don't mind all our harassing phone calls! and you got on the treadmill? way to go! keep up to positivity, good for you. i hop eyou feel better once the baby arrives because clearly you are doomed to be sick through this whole pregnancy.

whitney said...

Yeah for the treadmill! I will admit mine is just a bit underused at the moment, pregnancy hips and all.
We are thinking of you and praying for you and hoping everything hurries along.

Julia and Josh Blakeney said...

man, still throwing up? me too. what gives?
glad you can see the good things in life tho, it's always nice to sit back and see it's not all bad. maybe i should do the same thing as you :)
only 1 week left to go (give or take) but in the end, that baby is coming out, so thats always exciting. i am already looking forward to pictures from the big day.

Jodi Pilling said...

Ahh Rhonda I so feel what you are going through! When are you due by the way? I think we are due at the same time. They are inducing me on the 1st of July and it can't come SOON enough.

Good luck with everything, and just remember, this too shall pass and it will be ALL worth it when you hold your baby in your arms. I'll be thinking about you.

Heather M. said...

Oh Rhonda! I've been thinking about you and praying for you lately. I'm glad you are surrounded by love and support.
Soon, soon, soon your little one will be here and I pray that everything goes well with your labour and delivery and that the blessing of this new life with warm and fill your heart to overflowing, Rhonda!
Hang in there!!! Love you!

Mary said...

Sending big hugs!!! And seriously, you are like practically giving birth and can still USE YOUR TREADMILL? I think you are pretty much amazing. :)

KellyLady said...

Love the bag and the shoes! Hang in there. You're almost there and it's always worth it!

Let the party begin... said...

Oh Rhonda I thought I was odd when in my last 2 pregnancy I threw up the entire nine months. You're a great example of what we should do when we feel life is getting all muddled. It sounds like you are doing everything you need to do for that precious little bundle to arrive in this scary place we call earth. Hang in there!

Jess said...

you are such a great example! You are so lucky to have such awesome family close by who can spoil you. Hope the baby comes soon!!!