Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Father's Day

Wanted to make a post about this great dad in my life.

I took some photos of him with the kiddos today, but I haven't uploaded them yet. Tomorrow!

5 things that make Regan a great dad:
1. He (luckily) has strengths where I have weaknesses. He is more patient that me. He plays more with the kids. Lots of areas where I lack as a mom, he is strong. And that is a big blessing.
2. Regan is just fun. Blanket rides, and forts, playgrounds, pillow fights. He plays with the kids so good.
3. He is always appreciative to me as a momma. That means a lot to me.
4. He is willing to read and read and read to our kids. They like that a lot.
5. He is very strong in his testimony and relationship with God. And is constantly teaching that to our kids. It is always forefront in his mind. To teach them and share with them about the Gospel and Jesus. I love that about him.

I'm also very lucky to have a wonderful dad and a wonderful father in law. Both are such good men. Who love their families and work hard to provide all they can for their kids and grandkids. I'm very very lucky that way.

And I have 5 brothers who are all dads now. (Strange that that is the case since it seems like we were just kids ourselves.) And 2 brother in laws that are daddies too. It's so neat to see how very different they are as fathers. But they all love their kids a lot. Lots of good men in my life!


MonaS! said...

what a lovely tribute to your dh as well as all the other wonderful dads that touch your life! Hope you had a wonderful father's day. Beautiful photo of your boys.

Heather M. said...

Such a great post! Happy Father's Day to Regan!