Sunday, May 25, 2008

just a few shots

to share.... from Mother's day a few weeks ago.
Regan snapped some of me and the kiddos.

and i've got to say I'm getting sick of all this rain.
Sure hope the sun comes out soon!


Vanessa said...

oh my gosh rhonda!! your kids are soo big now!! i love it! and when are you due again?

Susie said...

These are soo cute. I love them both . Lucy is adorable, even when they picked us up pj's, gumboots, dirty face... total Dad style

MonaS! said...

I LOVE that photo of you and Lucy! What a cutie!

JA Crew said...

so cute!! you look great!

Denise said...

Great photos Rhonda. I especially love the one of you and little Lucy. Still waiting to see that baby bump though. ;)