Tuesday, May 20, 2008

getting ready

Isn't it so great that spring/summer is finally here?
The winter lasted forever. Every time we drive over the river close to our house, Lucy says "Mom look the snow is finally gone!" :)

I decided today that I should actually get ready in some manner for this child to come. I only have 6 weeks left today. So I bought a few diapers, some soothers and baby wash. Not really gonna buy any clothes, as I have sleepers from two kids before. I was thinking that it would be good that the kiddo gets his/her own clothes.... but then I thought why? They don't know the difference. And they will grow out of them very quickly anyway.

I even pulled out the baby car set. Mostly to see if it has an expiration date on it. It doesn't.... is it totally bad if I don't buy another one??? They say 5 years and it's been more than 5 years..... hmmmm

In the next few weeks we will re-arrange our bedroom so we can set up the crib in there. We even considered just using the play pen, but it's just too low for me.

We are excited about this baby.... but we are soooo this is our third kid mode. We've discussed names but not totally settled. And really our conversations have been very brief. Where as with the first two we talked about it a lot. And the whole getting ready thing, we were a bit more on it with the first two.

But I figure as long as we have what we need when the kiddo actually comes out, it's all good. And i've still got 6 weeks.

On a side note, here are a few pages from the weekend.


Crystal said...

I LOVE the ribbon treatment on your first LO! That is so cool!! These months of pregnancy have gone by very quickly. I'll be praying that all goes well in the next few weeks :))

JA Crew said...

cute pages! it's funny with names... jimmy and i don't even discuss it any more. or if we do the conversation goes something like this... me: any new names? jimmy: nope. me: me either. end of discussion. i'm sure when we're within a couple days of being due it'll come up again ;) i can't believe you only have 6 weeks! lucky girl!! 10 is KILLING ME!

Amanda said...

So now I am thinking about my baby car seat as I had it at least 2 years before Jackson...hmm...it worked just fine for Walker...I am sure it will be fine....I hope.
Only 6 weeks...that has gone by fast...for me any way. I am so excited to see pictures of your new little one!

Heather M. said...

I LOVE your layouts! The ribbon looks SO cool on the swing layout!
We've been way more relaxed this time around too. Haven't really talked about names, haven't bought anything, haven't even thought about a baby room, etc. It will all get done eventually. Can't believe you only have 6 weeks! WOW!

Carmen said...

You are so funny! I am sure by the time sweet baby comes you will have everything set. And you are right - they don't know the difference between brand new jammies and hand me down jammies. It is all the same! And they spit up and they poop and pee all over them anyways... hee hee

Jess said...

I love the third baby mode. You are way too cute. I hope you are feeling better and enjoying the spring weather.

Julia and Josh Blakeney said...

6 weeks, i can't believe it! and who knows, maybe a little less.
i've got 8 to go and feel like i dont have anything ready. i am not in third kid mode, tho i am sure my bank account wishes i was!
good luck with everything, and keep posting your progress (and of course, baby pictures). of course you will, you're photographer extraordinaire!

whitney said...

At least you waited until your third to give up, I am giving up on getting ready for the second! I do all the fun things that don't really matter, but put off all the important stuff like diapers, soothers, baby wash, and names.
I was always told 5 years for car seats too, but the worker at stay and play said it is 10 years. So who knows.
We better get those diaper bags done if you only have 6 weeks left!