Tuesday, May 27, 2008

3 things

Alden has been playing with our old Camera.
It works on and off. But Alden has a lot of fun with it....(click on this photo collage and you'll be able to see it better!

and lunch was so good today I thought i'd share a little picture of it with you....
my favorite sandwich, a clubhouse on the homemade bread i made yesterday.
mmmmm. it was gooooooood.

a little something i made for Lucy's room..... totally using Ali's idea here


Heather M. said...

I love those photos of Alden! Can't wait to see the layout you create with them! :)
And your lunch looks SOOOO yummy!
And your framed butterflies are soooo pretty! I love them and I bet Lucy does too! :)

whitney said...

So cute! Love Alden's smiles when he is so proud of his pictures.
Love the butterflys too. I saw something like that on a blog and I wanted to copy it, but a boy version of course. I have a from, any ideas for the boy version?

Carmen said...

Okay, that sandwich looks absolutely delish!! Wow. And I was contemplating making the same thing for Bella's room. I know Ali did hearts, but I was thinking either butterflies or blossoms. Too funny.

Denise said...

Love the collage of Alden. Kids and cameras are quite the combination hey? And that sandwich is making my mouth water. There's not a whole lot that's tastier than homemade bread.
Ali's butterfly collage has been quite the hit. I've been punching butterflies from all my random bits of paper with plans to create one as well. Yours looks great!

Julia and Josh Blakeney said...

100% want one of those sandwiches. do you think pregnant women blog more about food because we're so in love with it???
seriously, i am craving one now. when josh gets home i am going out to get the bacon to make it.
p.s i am glad alden is getting use of the camera. i rememeber loving to take pictures when i was a kid (usually of my feet, or the clouds). way back when i had a wind up one :)