Sunday, July 09, 2006

I am grateful

This morning when I got up in my mostly empty bedroom
I realized AGAIN how close we are to going home.
And I am grateful.

Last night I was running errands....
donating clothes and unwanted items,
returning things,
practicing my musical number at the church,
depositing our profits from all our sold items,
picking up a little treat for Reg and I,
realizing how the things have fallen into place for us.
And I am grateful.

and I drove by the ocean.
(not too usual around here.)
Deep and blue.
Unending... Or so it seems.
It really is amazing to see God's creations.
He is an artist.
Amazing and perfect in creation.
That is inspiring on so many levels.
And I am grateful.

Came home to my husband, who was working on his talk for church today.
He is so good.
And so wise.
Regan is truly one of the best people I have ever known.
Because of his quiet nature
people sometimes don't get to hear of his wisdom and knowledge.
But I do.
And I am grateful.

Holding a squirmy little girl
on my lap while I type.
Who loves to give me open mouth slobbery kisses
And who twirls her hair in her hand while she breastfeeds.
She has constant smiles for me
and for everyone else.
And I am grateful.

Peeking in on a still sleeping little boy.
Who tells me the funniest things.
And who tries to "help" his little sister when she falls over on the floor.
Who tried hiding yesterday in the bathroom
but forgot to tell anyone he was hiding so two panicking parents searched the yard, and the neighbors, until finally found him crying in the bathroom.
He wanted to sit on mummy's lap and
have my hands run over his arms while I "squeezed him tight" for 5 minutes.
at least.
I am grateful.


MonaS! said...

What wonderful thoughts of your family. God has truly blessed you. You are a special woman with a very special family.

Carmen said...

Okay, I totally would have freaked too if Isabella decided to "hide" on me!! Good thing he was in the house the whole time. Ahhh, nothing like a little scare to make sure the heart keeps pumping!! Sooo much to be grateful for!!

Heather M. said...

You need to scrapbook this, girl! I love what you wrote and how grateful you are! You inspire me!