Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Running the Race

My friend Heather had a great post this morning. A happy list. And she asked what makes us happy.

So here goes my happy list:

• This photo of Alden makes me happy.
His first day in a suit jacket to church last week. Isn't he the cutest!!
What a little preppy boy we have. He just generally makes me happy.

• Getting good feedback on my gallery at Scraptivity makes me happy. What can I say, I like the self esteem boost. :)

• I'm taking an online art class from Shimelle and doing my projects for that is making me happy lately. Creating. I love it. And it is really teaching me about myself.

• I love that Lucy is sleeping now for
6 - 7 hours a night.
That certainly makes me happy.
She is such a happy baby now. And that makes me happy.

• Regan is applying for jobs out in Alberta already... even though we don't know about medical school yet. And that makes me happy. So no matter which it is - job or med school here or here we will be back in alberta soon. We are on the same page. Going home. And he feels good about it. That makes me happy!

• I just got the upcoming February kit from Scraptivity. And it is sooo nice. It makes me very happy. And want to create.

• I finished this page yesterday and it was a day that really made me happy. Lucy came home from the hospital. We were together as a family. That is happiness.

Lots more things.... but today. These are making me happy.


patti said...

That LO Rhonda is so gorgeous, makes me all teary thinking of all that you went through!! SO happy all is well now and that is a distant memory!! Gorgeous photo and beautiful family!!
great happy list too!

Heather M. said...

What an awesome list, Rhonda! I LOVE the photos of your adorable kiddos! I can't wait for you to move out here too!!!!

Kimmie said...

Love your post Rhonda, isn't it nice when prayers are answered!!!

Jodi Pilling said...

Rhonda, I loved reading your list of things that make you happy, and yes I would have to agree with you those are definatley things deserving of being happy. I bet you are so excited to finally be coming home to ALBERTA! YAHHH! Your family is beautiful ,and I am happy that I stumbled upon you blog :)

Heather said...

Love your happy list Rhonda! Great that Lucy is sleeping more. Awesome page and love that photo of Alden (preppy boy for sure).

Caroline said...

i just love your pics of your kiddos and your LO too!

Cate said...

That photo of Alden is super cute! Yeah for going home to Alberta!!!

Crystal said...

What an awesome list, Rhonda! I'm glad you had a happy, happy day! Hurry home to Alberta!!