Monday, November 21, 2005

life with a toddler

Well Alden has gotten into some strange habits lately.

First of all he will never wear a shirt during the day. Pretty much right after he gets dressed... he takes it off and won't put it back on. He says it "tickles him" ? Not sure what THAT means. So he is always running around here with out one on. I think this picture seems to sum up life with him lately pretty good. He made every thing a mess and he is running around without his shirt on. :)

Another of his habits lately is to sleep on the floor. Sometimes beside his bed, sometimes behind the door. Tonight when I went in to check on him, he was sleeping right behind the door (so I had to push him with the door to open it) and he had taken his pj top off... so he was freezing cold sleeping there. He will never come out of his room unless we get him. But he goes to sleep on the floor. Crazy kid!

Lucy is doing great too. She still doesn't smile very much. I think we have seen about 4 smiles when she was awake and meant it. She is starting to get nice full cheeks like Alden had You sure can tell they are siblings!


[ hols ] said...

Crazy kid sleeping on the floor!

Love the blog, will check back often :)

Cate said...

Lucy has the sweetest lips! They are so pink!

Tammy said...

I think that at this age they are just pushing the boundaries and trying to exercise control over anything they can. Alden knows he can control his clothes in some many by not wearing them. I'm sure this is just the beginning of many of his boundary pushing adventures.

Yes I do see a resemblance!! She is a gorgeous baby and I bet she smells great too! I love the smell of babies!!

Heather said...

Alden is still adjusting to new baby so understandable. Micah sleep on the floor too when Kendra was born and I just let him (never thought of it as a coping mechanism though). Only thing I thought of is if the tag bugs him on the clothes thing.