Wednesday, November 16, 2005

A chance to talk

We (Alden, Lucy and I) got the chance to go visit some friends today. I met Sherri and Jennifer at PACT (Parents and Children Together Association) when the number ones were all under 2 months. We all started going to a New Mother's Group in 2002. It was such a good thing for all of us. We met, along with other first time moms, each Tuesday to talk and learn from each other. We, along with 2 other moms, have kept in touch and our kids have continued to keep us connected. Now Sherri and Jennifer and I all have recently had baby number 2. It was wonderful to get together with them today.

I think we forget. As mothers. As parents. We forget how painful child birth is.... and we do it again. We forget how it feels to go without a good night's sleep for weeks, months. We forget how it feels to have your milk come in and the cravings you get when you are breastfeeding. It is so wonderful to be able to share those "re" remembrances with others who are going thru the remembering again too.

I wasn't much of a girl's girl when I was younger. I always thought girls were to emotional and petty. I would of rather play games WITH the boys than giggle about them or try and kiss them. But the older I get I am beginning more and more to really appreciate what women can offer each other. A good girlfriend is something of value. Not to dump on or just talk bad about your husband... (since I don't think either is necessary) but to have women of similar situations and different situations to learn from and spend time with. Women are a powerful force for good. If we let ourselves be. We can truly build each other or pull each other down. And I am grateful that today I got to spend time with women who choose to build other women up.

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I hear ya!