Thursday, July 28, 2011

List 30: Places I'd like to Go

This could be a long list... but I'll try and keep it brief :)

1. France
2. Egypt
3. Hawaii
4. Africa
5. Arizona
6. California
7. Ireland


Catherine Dabels said...

Spain, Morocco, Portugal, Italy (again), Greece (again), Africa, England, France, Brazil.

Arizona? Not so much.....

Jill said...

Catherine doesn't know what she is missing.

Come to AZ!! We can do a photo trade. It would be fun. Come in the spring --that's the best time. Like Marchish. Right when you are done with the cold.

Alysha said...

those places would be awesome to go to. although I'm surprised arizona and california are on the list. must be something there you really want to see?
and i'm craving cookies too. nice soft homemade chocolate chip cookies... is it bad that i hope it cools down a bit so I can make them?

Heather M. said...

I know, I have SO many too! Love your list. :)

Crystal said...

You will love Egypt (so much history!) and Africa (so many animals!). Great topic - I could have gone to 50, I think :)

Marie said...

At least you can cross Mexico off the list!