Tuesday, July 19, 2011

10 on Tuesday

1. Wow it is hot.

2. Still haven't found any where to rent in Raymond OR sold our house. hmmm sounds perfect hey? :) We might end up renting out our house here in Lethbridge - not that I know who too. Or where we'd go in RAymond. But those are just minor details people! Minor.

3. We took the kids over Logan's pass yesterday. You should have HEARD how excited they were about being in the United States. It was funny. Even made the border crossing guard smile. And if you've ever been over the border you KNOW how unusual it is to make the American guards smile at you!

4. I am slowly getting caught up on my editing. Only 3 shoots left to do :) Yipee!

5. My belly is getting big.

6. One of my favorite shoots I've done is posted right now on my photo blog. Our good friends Abby and Shaun and their 10 year wedding anniversary. Go check out the rest!!
Abby and Shaun

7. Last week's Foto Friday....

8. I've been wanting to bake but it's just too hot to bake anything. But I WANT cookies. I just can't bring myself to buy cookies. There just so..... plastic tasting! The minute we have a cooler day... COOKIES will be made at this house!

9. What a sweet little smile this boy has.
july 13- Sweet smile

10. Did I mention it was hot?


LindsayB said...

hot? nah... my belly is getting big too but regan informed me yours is bigger than mine which i informed him it better be because you are agood month ahead of me! you guys sh ould rent jared and roxanne's house. be aggresive and i bet they will.

Marie said...

Oooh! Abby's pictures! I will go see more!

Abby Metz said...

thank-you thank-you thank-you thank-you thank-you thank-you THANK-YOU!!!