Thursday, March 24, 2011

List 12: Words I love

1. Debt free. I'll love it when we get there ;)

2. Hogwash. Just try working THAT into your every day vocab!

3. Totally. I say it all the time. I always tell every one I am trying to bring back the 90s. And I bet if you hang out with me at all.... you might be saying it too :)

4. Fuddy-Duddy. oh yes. Love to hear it. Need to say it more!

5. This week I love the word Mexico. (HA are you all sick of me talking about this yet or WHAT!)

6. Thank you. I love it when people say that. Two wonderful words! My friend Gayle always sends me thank you notes. I want to be like that!

Regan is constantly telling me I talk like an OLD person. I can't help it. I talk like my mom did and like my grandma did and my great grandma did. :) After I say something he'll say what? what is that? No one says that!

But he's not around and I am struggling to think of them! :)


Jessica D said...

I love the word fuddy duddy. more when its combined with frumpy it is hillarious

Anonymous said...

No WAy!

Sir Mark The Great said...
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Rashelle said...

I don't blame you for loving the word Mexico when there is still so much snow. I'm sure you will have a great trip. You should let me know next time you are coming to Pincher, it would be fun to have you over for supper and let the kids play.

Tongue River Boulters said...

Rhonda, I love the list and post that you are doing, I don't always comment but thanks for brightening my day. plus words are a funny thing I get teased all the time but I can't think of one right now either. Kari

The Corie Clan said...

Thanks to you - 'Totally' is now a regular part of my vocabulary. You are contagious :) I hope you have a fabulous time in Mexico! I can't wait to hear about the trip!

Heather M. said...

you are hilarious. i love your list. :)

Crystal said...

I can just about hear you saying those things! I LOVE #1 - I would be shouting it from the rooftops if it came true from us :)

this and and then said...

I think we need to use the word rubbish more. It's a great expletive!
You would get along famously with Paige- she talks like she came from the 40's- she says shant and shall and indeed (instead of totally) all the time. She's a shenanigans girls too. and hub bub! "what are you hub bubbing about?" Awe language-where would we be without it!!

Mike and Jodi said...

I always say, "actually". Not sure why but when I started hearing Brayden say it all the time, I realized that I say it way more than normal.