Tuesday, March 22, 2011

10 on Tuesday

1. SNOW.... SERIOUSLY???!!!!!

2. My lovely friend Marie brought me dinner last night. Yup she is spoiling me. (And Tisha brought me some last week) Seriously people are TOO Kind to me!

3. Regan is gone and we might get to see him for an hour or two on Wednesday night just so he can get clean clothes and drive up to Calgary and then hopefully for an hour or two on Sunday night so he can get clean clothes again. hmmmm He'll be gone a LOT in the next month. (Luckily in the middle we get to go to MEXICO!!!!!!!)

4. I did some sewing last week. And it was lovely. And it made me want to do MORE. :) I'll show it to you soon! (i'm too lazy to get the picture right now!)

5. I looooove books and I am needing some new ones to read lately. Just put a bunch on hold at the library!

6. Last weekend we were invited over to TWO different places for dinner. One Saturday night and one Sunday. Even our whole family. That doesn't happen often but it was great!

7. Apparently I can not just drink milk in this pregnancy. It makes my tummy soooo upset. Which I HATE cause I LOVE milk.

8. Did I mention I was going to MEXICO soon??!! AWESOME!

9. Eli is obsessed with technology. It's terrible. He cries for the ipad (we don't even have one!) and digs in people's pockets for their iphone.s It's terrible.

10. Lucy is currently in a stage where she says terribly embarrassing things in public. I'm not a fan!


Susie said...

are they terribly funny and embarssing I will have to hear more on this. Who knew you would still be getting a winter getaway in march eh? No milk that's too bad, I know how you love it, I remember how it was so expensive out east and it would kill you. Well you should just come up to Calgary with Reg, come on it'd be super fun. I'll make you supper.

Anonymous said...

Poor Eli with no ipad. We used to give Dan remotes with no batteries and our old phones.
My last pregnancy I couldn't drink milk and now I rarely drink it because it reminds me of vomit.
Lucky duck going to Mexico.

Jen Isackson said...

Oh gosh.... sounds like fun times at your house Rhonda :) Hang in their friend. You will feel much better in 6 mths :)

Lora said...

I'm sorry you aren't able to have milk right now. I hope you have fun in Mexico.

KellyLady said...

Brock is addicted to technology as well! Totally understand that! And snow - enough said!

Jaime said...

I hear you on the snow, I'm so done with it too. Lucky girl going to Mexico, have so much fun!

Mary MacAskill said...

I'm curious about the terribly embarrassing things that Lucy says! lol!

Marie said...

Are milk products okay, or is the entire food group out of the picture?

And, like everyone else it seems, I want to know what Lucy is saying. Like you should phone me and just tell me, because I seriously want to know.

Connie Nichol said...

hmm, I got lactose intolerant with the last baby. I think every pregnancy does something strange to your body.......the price we pay for having babies? So excited you are going to Mexico. I can just imagine the photos!! You will love it!!

this and that...now and then said...

Well we all want to know what Lucy is saying!!! Come on- that would be a great blog post! oh man do I remember throwing up milk- it would still be cold. GAAAHHHHH! hang in there! (Like you have a choice, right?)

Christal said...

I love your 10 on tuesday they either make me laugh or make me realize how much the same we all are! I'm so excited for that you get to go to mexico! {ps come byuy the house next door please!!} see ya friday!

Abby Metz said...