Tuesday, July 06, 2010

What's been keeping up busy around here lately....

• trying out the new tent in the backyard (while Dad and Alden worked to set it up, Lucy came over to pose for me :) ) the older two kids slept in our backyard with Regan one night and then in the backyard at G&G Steed's another night
• had a Pioneer Primary party where I took vintage photos of all the kids
Vintage Alden
and they enjoyed ice cream in costumes
• had 8 photo shoots in the last two weeks. Two weddings, a vintage grad shoot (which was AWESOME), an engagement shoot, a group of 6 girl friends and and 2 family shoots. (not including the pioneer shoot I did for the Primary)
• Regan finished his 1st year of residency (yipee - we are half way done!)
• enjoyed some time in Waterton as a family
where Reg mountain biked down a mountain where he almost rode right into a black bear. Yep just him on his bike in the middle of know where with a bear on the trail. So he moved to the side of the trail and the bear walked on by (scary!)
(waterton was SERIOUSLY windy when we were there)
• had a group of people over for Chinese Food night - and had some people not show up that said they were coming (which always makes me feel a bit bad)
• celebrated Eli's birthday with a little party where he did not touch his cake (second year in a ROW)...see Alden's hands trying to make Eli look at the cake
Must eat CAKE
with his two bestest buddies - Sawyer and Owen (yes it was hard to get these three busy boys sitting looking at the camera)
Eli and his two bestest pals
• had three days of celebrations between Hill Spring and Raymond for first of July
• stayed up super late to many nights
• celebrated Grandma Steed's, Brooke's and Eli's birthday with a joint birthday dinner
• editing editing and editing
• Alden finished up grade one
Last Day of grade 1
• enjoyed having Regan around since he took off the last 10 days
• reading lots of books - finished the Percy Jackson one (The Lightning Thief and the second book in the series)
• baking cakes and other treats
• having lots of fun


The Super Seven said...

Looks like you have been extra busy. Your Waterton posts always make me miss that place. It's so beautiful there. I have fond memories from a summer vacation out there.

Unknown said...

8 shoots in 2 weeks??? YIKES! you are one busy lady!!!! can't wait to see them all :)
what did you think of percy jackson?? i LOVED it!

Christina said...

I haven't read Percy Jackson - what did you think? Would you recommend it for a 7 year old?

Jennifer said...

No wonder I haven't heard from or seen you in forever! Looks like you've been having a ton of fun! And to have Reg home for so long must have been wonderful - good thing he didn't get eaten by that bear! Oh, and I totally LOVE Lucy's shirt in the first pic!! How perfect!

Marie said...

Aren't you glad life is busy? I've never had much use for just sitting around.

You manage to do so many things, so very well. Good job!