Wednesday, July 21, 2010

I love

that this little girl will pretty much ALWAYS pose for a picture for me.
Always the willing subject! We were driving out to G & G and spotted this beautiful field. Lucy was the only kid willing to let me take her picture (well Eli might of but he'd probably just keep running away too!)
Yellow Sunshine
And even smile doing it.

And want to try and shoot me too.
Me in the field


Catherine Dabels said...

You're a great mom. "I love" that.

Visible Voice said...

Those pictures are so pretty!

The Lowry's said...

I'm jealous, I still have a hard time getting Jaycie to let me take a picture of her. She has to be in the right mood. I love this pic of you. So fresh, real and beautiful.

Brooke Snow said...

Just lovely! I love both images! sweetness.

shannon said...

Okay really I have to ask, are you wearing yellow earrings that match the field or is that background? That was done way to well!