Monday, May 03, 2010

MSBH Update

So today I am guest posting over here at Frankly Entertaining. So go check it out and then look around at the great site. Two sisters post lots of great recipes and cookbook reviews and other tips about working in the kitchen.

AND since I am over there today I thought I'd just give an update here on my MSBH Challenge.

107: Cherry Streusel Coffe Cake
108: Milk Glaze
109: Mexican Wedding Cookies
110: Torta Sbrisolona
111: Linzer Cookies
112: Classic Apple Pie
113: Olive oil Bread
114: Fruit Turnovers
115: Sfogliatelle

And since it's way more fun with a picture.... here are two.


Amy said...

Dag nab my foot anyway, grrr.
Love your new Scrabble header, and I GUESS the photos of Jen and Chelsea are o.k. too. JK, they're fabulous, I'm just jealous.

Laura O'Hearon said...

You should make a blog with all your recipes for me =) ummmmmm... and I love the new header on your blog!! super cute.

LindsayB said...

love the new header. cute phot's

scrapwordsmom said...

Darling new header!!!!!!

Marie said...

Why do I never have maternity shots done? I love them everytime I see them. Arg.

And I love your new header. It makes me happy.