Monday, May 17, 2010

The last two weeks

have been absolutely packed. And this last weekend I had so many things going on I just plain old didn't blog. It's the first time I've missed a few days in a while. I always post Sunday - Thursday with Friday and Saturday off. Don't know if you've noticed or not. BUT that's been my posting. Just to show you a little list of all the things we've had going on in the past two weeks.

* Soccer Pictures for Alden
* Dad and Alden date - went to the movie
* Dad and Lucy date - went to Wendy's
* I went out to dinner with my SIL
* Regan started Internal Medicine - which has been fairly busy. I've heard it's one of the worst but it hasn't been ridiculous yet. Just busy.
* Alden has had 4 Soccer Games (two of which got canceled from bad weather and then reschedule on this past Saturday)
* Regan went out of town both the last two weekends - one in Calgary for teaching days and one in Vancouver for the ALARM course (something about delivering babies)
* Mother's day Celebrations for both Lucy and Alden in one day (thank goodness grandma could come and be with Eli during) and I watched someone's kid that morning so she could go to her mother's day celebrations
* Had my parents over on mother's day, a couple over on friday night and a family on a Sunday night for dinner
* Reg and I went out to dinner with my inlaws
* Regan met with the Stake President
* Regan got called and set apart as the new Elder's Quorum president in our ward yesterday
* went to a movie night with a couple girls where we just chatted, ate and played games instead of watching a movie
* did 4 different photo shoots - one pregnancy (with two girls), one engagement, one new baby and one grad one
* went to the temple with some of my family to remember Kelly since it was her birthday this past Saturday
* hosted a craft night at my house (which was tons of fun!)
* attended a birthday party in Raymond and had to miss another one since they were at the same time
* had my online chat with my photo instructor for my class
* worked on my assignment for my photo class
Plus just plain ol' regular cleaning the house and meals and laundry and all that.

Phew. I'm glad this week has a lot less going on! And even a long weekend coming up! :) Hopefully Regan will get some of it off so we can enjoy relaxing!!

What have you been up to?
And did you miss my posts.... hahahahaha


Carmen said...

Busy busy gal! And congrats to Regan on the new calling. Although, I do have to say, I really hated when Marc was EQP (three times!) - the phone never stopped ringing; he was at early morning meetings all the time; there was always something extra to be done every weekend; constant socials... Whew. Gee, looking back, I really can't complain now that he serves as the 1st Coun for the Stake YM Presidency - he is less busy with the Stake calling!!

Alysha said...

Holy Smokes you've been busy!!! How's the photography class going?? Are you enjoying it and learning a lot?

M and J Smith Family said...

I did notice the Sunday post missing. I even checked for it! We've been busy packing a bit every day. I don't and can't overdo it. Thinking about baby boy names. We have a few in mind but don't really want to pick the name until he is born. Can't decide yet anyways. Everyone but me is probably enjoying the heat. I can't handle it being this far along. We went swimming on Saturday and I couldn't even handle putting my feet in the warm kiddie pool! Have a hopefully relaxing week!

The Full Nelson said...

wow you were busy but sounded like fun!

Stacy said...

Wow!! I don't think I do that much in like 6 months. :) Maybe when my kids get a little older we'll have more going on. Yes, I did notice that you hadn't blogged for a few days. I love reading your blog.

Amy said...

Aubey and I call the Elders Quorum the Ward Moving Committee. And when he was in the Presidency, the wives did most of the activity planning. Soooo, I hope it's not like that for you.
Wowzers, you were busy, as always though haha. I think you thrive on chaos.
Yeah, I missed your posts, I'd check in once in a while and see soccer legs again.

Heather M. said...

I missed your posts! You have been busy, girl!

I'm curious how the photography class is going too.

Abby said...

Wow that is alot! Hope things settle down for you soon!

Marie said...

I bet time is just flying. When I am busy days go by so fast.