Thursday, May 20, 2010

Photo Talk: A little Photo Tip

Here is my beautiful Sister in law Jen. Looking great at this wedding.
She looks great but it is just an average shot. I am looking straight at her. I am tiny bit taller but not too much. And here we are shooting straight on with the setting sun behind me.

Now look at her here.
Look how much better she looks posed when she is a bit below me and I am higher shooting down. So much more flattering than the last photo. She is crouching down (quite lady like if I remember right!)
And we are taking advantage of the beautiful evening light as well by shooting so the setting sun was coming on the side of her to the right of both of us.

Taking a picture from above is a much more flattering way than just straight on. There's your photo tip for today!

And on another note I nnnnnnnneeeeeeeddddddddd to make these badly. But really should I be baking MORE treats??? I've gotta stop finding so many things to make and then EAT :)


Alysha said...

it's amazing what a different perspective can do.

Amy said...

Beautiful photo, and so cool what a few little changes can do.
Those cupcakes look sinful. I'm a sinful lady.

Sandy said...

Thanks for the tip! I love the warm and natural lighting and shooting from above is such a great perspective!

Abby said...

great tip!

Visible Voice said...

Can I just say I know this dude...I won't mention his name because you probably know him from Nova Scotia...but he always does the photos where the person is above him and he's like crouched down on the ground. Sooooo unflattering. I think he must have saw some one do it on TV once and thinks that makes him look the part. Dunno. Definitely above ones are super awesome!