Thursday, January 28, 2010

In the Craftroom: Mini Album: Eli

I made this for a call for the Canadian Scrapbooker. This and a page too. the page got picked up so I won't show you that yet but here is my cute little mini album that I made from scratch. oh how I love doing that!! It makes me feel all industrious! :)

The pictures were all taken by my good friend Heather as a present to me when Eli was born. I was so grateful that she did that. Cause you just aren't feeling up to posing a baby when you just popped one out. AND I am in them. My first time being in newborn pictures with one of my newborns :)
I paired my great photos from Heather with the nursery rhyme you've all heard before. I made all the tags with the rhyme in photo shop and printed them out and glued them on. (a little hybrid-ness to my album) :)
I used very little embellishments because I wanted a soft serene feel and I felt like the patterned paper added enough to it.
Some of these papers I have had FOREVER!
And I added theg sewing to help hold the pages together really good AND as an aesthetic element. :)
A few pages have some printed transparencies that have been around my scrap room forever too! I loved them too much to use ;)
To make the album I cut 6x6 squares of chipboard for the front and the back. And then covered them in paper and joined them together with a small 3x6 piece of chipboard in between. Added the grommets and strung ribbon thru them and thru each page. I'm sure that is TOTALLY clear without any pictures of my process eh?? :)
DSC_0160 (there's the ribbon tied at least :) )

On the cover a small acrylic frame (another thing I've been saving for who knows what!) glued down with Crystal Effects so it'd be clear still, an antique key I bought at a show and some cute ribbon.

I have lots of these pictures in his regular album too. With lots of journaling. Which is why I felt like I could make this with little to none of my own thoughts. Just the little note on the last page. And that's my little album.

Have you ever made a mini album? Any thing holding you back?? Need help with it? IF you have, wanna share it on your blog or some where else?


The Full Nelson said...

Love it! I love how there's little writing in it apart from the last page. The colours and patterned paper are great

KellyLady said...

It's gorgeous! You are truly talented!
I love to look at other people's scrapbooking but get bogged down by it when I try. So I stick to nice leather albums for all my photos and journal next to them.

Brooke said...

My Goodness Rhonda! You are SOOOOO crafty talented! I'm certain that beautiful album took TONS of time and thought! Way to go! I'm so super impressed!

Alysha said...

what a great album. it looks awesome! I just noticed the clipboard post too. i saw that on another blog and she'd taken paper and modpodged it onto the board. i really wanna give it a try, but haven't any wall space... oh well. looks great though!

Tisha said...

That is so ridiculously cute! I very well may be stealing that idea when I get my pics!!

Jessie said...

So cute Rhonda! Where did you get your chip board from? I have a project that I have been trying to make for years but can't find chipboard anywhere in the size I need!

Kristin said...

I love mini albums...I actually stopped keeping full sized scrapbooks for my kids a while ago...more out of neccestity then anything else. Did you take the beautiful photo's in the album? (I noticed you are a photographer too) I just wanted to thank you for dropping by my blog, Im glad you did because i got to see your beautiful work!

Visible Voice said...

I love holy that is super fabulous.

Okay so I'm totally WANTING to make a mini album. I'm wanting to make one that will be more like a creative organizer. A place that I can write blog post ideas, maybe put inspirations in it, have a place for project aspirations and just have it like...well yeah like an organizer. And I want it to be like this one that you made. But I have no idea where to start...and am nervous that it won't turn out very nice and also...I can't seem to finish projects that I start like that very well. Like I still have TWO recipe boxes to do. Any ideas??

Emily Busath Murdock said...

Wow, Rhonda, what a keepsake! You sure have been a Crafty Gal lately...keep the posts coming, you're inspiring me to get my stuff out!! :)
I just love this album, way to go!

Jennifer said...

I have a mini album I made a year or so ago. I should post it, and then make another one. Thanks for the idea!

Amy said...

So great Rhonda! Man, Eli was a dark haired newborn. Were all you babies like that?

The Lowry's said...

Adorable. What a precious album to have. SOO talented you are. I gave up on scrapbooking because it takes me way too long to make a page. I am so slow at it.

Christal said...

love the album I also left you a comment on the poster one! just so you don't miss it!

Marie said...

Love. It. Love. It. Love. It.

Heather M. said...

Such a gorgeous album. It makes me so happy to see those photos in there. :) Thank you for letting me take them.