Friday, July 10, 2009


A while back we called up SIL Lindsay and Grandma and told them we wanted to go to Waterton (or the mountains as our kiddos call it) and we wanted them to come too. I took a whole whack of photos. Most of which I haven't edited yet. But I did do a few.

We love that we CAN call them up and we are close. It's simply marvelous. All the kids lined up.

hee hee. Gotta love the wind down here.

What a handsome and good dad. :)

We are off to a family reunion this weekend. Camping.
We'll see how it goes! :)

And after I'm back, more photos to share, a contest to end (finally), and perhaps a few Q&A (so if you have some about anything really, let me hear them!)

And if you need something to look at while I'm gone, I've put more photos on my photo blog. :)


Crystal said...

How about some pictures of your home??!! That would be lovely :)) I hope camping goes / went great for everyone and that the weather cooperated. Take care!

Jewels said...

Yeah! New House Pictures! :)

Eli's eyes are so blue! I always think Gabby's eyes are super blue, but then I see Eli's, and wow!

Love the pics!

Alysha said...

that first pic is awesome! how fun to be so close to waterton! it's so beautiful there

Jaime said...

You're so talented, I love the first picture. You're kids are adorable!

MonaS! said...

Would love to see photos of your place! The first picture is great, and I LOVE the hair! Hope you are all well!

Heather M. said...

cute photos! looks like fun!