Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Growing up

This getting to be big kid was talking to me last week
I said "wait, Alden open your mouth."
So he did.
I said "did you know you are missing a tooth?"
He was like "where??" So he ran into the bathroom and saw there was his first space. He had no idea it was even lose or that he had lost it.

All day he kept looking around for it to no avail.
That night he had babysitters and he knocked on the door (when he's in his room for the night he always knocks when he needs something) and asked them if they had seen his tooth. He even prayed to find his tooth.

I told him that the tooth fairy was pretty smart and maybe she already found it and would bring money anyways.

He was delighted to see I was right. :) Since then he lost the other bottom middle one. And lost that one too. But at least he noticed it was lose and when it fell out. Looks like I need to sew a little tooth fairy bag.

Can't believe I have a kid big enough to start losing teeth!

And as for Regan building the fence. He is not the handyman type. He is smart though. And with the help of all my brothers and dad to square the posts (the trickiest part) he was well on his way and did the rest himself. He's becoming a handyman bit by bit. :)


Heather M. said...

too funny about the first tooth! i can't believe he's losing teeth already either!

Jewels said...

Hello! I'm just catching up on all of my missed blogs and will be posting eventually, but so glad to see you're back in the blogging world! I've missed you!

Love that Alden LOST his tooth. What a smart tooth fairy :) And congrats, the yard looks beautiful, and so do your photos!

Alysha said...

that's hilarious! and your yard looks awesome!

Angela said...

Hello Friend. I think it's so funny when I randomly come across blogs of people I know.

I'm friends with Jessica Smith from when we lived in Winnipeg.

Your photo's are beautiful. I'll have to get you to take pictures of my kids when you have time.

See you tomorrow.

Amy said...

Your sod, fence, and Alden without teeth all look awesome LOL!

whitney said...

Good thing the tooth fairy is so smart!
I love your backyard, it is so stinking cute!