Monday, July 06, 2009

Our Backyard

When we moved in our backyard was a parking lot. Gravel, no fence. No real dirt. So over the month we were here and Regan had off, he worked on it.

First he shoveled out all the gravel into a wheelbarrow and moved it.
Then got dirt and leveled it all out. At which point the kids were loving it.

They are plugging their ears cause he was doing this...

After my great hubby built the fence (his first one and he did a great job!!)
He laid sod.

Alden also worked on it. He likes to do little jobs to make money so he can buy Bakugan's. He helped dad out and made some moola. Together they did this....

It's all finished and looking great.
And we've been enjoying it.

(Now I really need to get my act together and stain it!)


The Blakeney's said...

a yard!!! i am so jealous!!
eli looks like he's loving the grass. good job regan.

Heather M. said...

wow, it looks AWESOME!!!!! wtg, regan!

we may need some help building one next summer. now i know who to call. :) if i come and help you stain it, will you come and help stain mine?! ;)

Alex and Kellie Lambert said...

Awesome! Great work! Looks really good.

Carmen said...

Great job! Now don't let the grass die!! It is very delicate in this stage. It needs water, water and more water!! Have fun!!

Emily Murdock said...

Wow, Regan is quite the handyman! Who knew! What a great addition to your new home. Take your shoes off and enjoy it...for me...since Texas grass feels more like needles than anything else. :)

Jen and Ian Isackson said...

That fence looks awesome! Perfectly straight. Engineers everywhere would be proud!