Monday, November 24, 2008


So Super Saturday is over. And it went well I think. We had lots of women show up. Especially for lunch and our special entertainment. Probably about 40 I'd guess. So that was awesome. I had a busy Sunday too with some nieces here and then the whole family for dinner. It was noisy but super fun.

So normal life is back on track. :)
Photo editing to do this week for this family before the wedding shoot I have this weekend for this couple which will be a lot of fun.

We are getting started on Christmas gifts and decorating and general preparing for the season. Trying to really keep the real meaning of Christmas in the forefront of our minds. Hoping to do that by doing some specific things.

1. Last year my kids got too many things. I bought things ahead of time (which was a first for me) and then hid them and then promptly forgot I had even gotten them. Then when we were getting all the stuff together to go down south I kept finding things. heehee. This year (and I think for now one) we are using this mantra for gifts.
Something to read
Something they need
Something they want
Something to wear
And I am doing mostly homemade stuff. For my kids, I already have the ideas and I am planning on getting started this week.

2. Making sure we keep some of our traditions that we started when we were living in Nova Scotia. It makes it hard when you go to your inlaws or your parents house for most of the holidays, since obviously you are going to do the things they do. We did some fun things with our little family that I am going to do again. Whether before we go south or with our family south.

3. Talking about the Nativity and the real reasons for the season. Thru stories, the scriptures, movies, etc.

And since a post isn't any fun without a photo, here's one.


Heather M. said...

those girls are adorable!

whitney said...

I did that too last year, with the early buying of presents. This year I made a gift list in September, and made sure everything I bought got written down so I didn't have too much. I like your little something to read thing. Whatcha making for the kids this year?

Crystal said...

I still use that mantra for my shopping! And I have an old dresser that's my present stash so I can find everything when I start wrapping. Helps that I don't have little ones in the house anymore. I'm trying to sew some of the "to wear" things this year. Happy Getting Ready!!